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A69Sir: I have the pleasure to invite you to be present at the ceremonies of laying the corner stone of the new Government Building in Chicago…May, 1874
A105Dear Sir, The undersigned, a committee appointed to make arrangementsDecember 6, 1838
A285Mr. J. W. Forney respectfully requests the honor of your company at his Rooms, 553 New Jersey Avenue, (Capitol Hill,) Wednesday Evening, March 30, at 8 o'clock, to meet Mr. Edwin Forrest.March 30, 1864
A293Mr. J. W. Forney presents you his compliments, and has the honor to invite you to be present at his rooms..June 21, 1864
A294Mr. J. W. Forney presents you his compliments, and has the honor to invite you to be present at his rooms..June 25, 1864
A299City of Boston. Eighty-Eighth Anniversary of American Independence.July 4, 1864
A303Sir: The inauguration of the Rev'd F. A. P. Barnard, D. D., LL. D., as President of the CollegeSeptember 15, 1864
A316Dear Sir: I am instructed by the Committee of Arragnements on International Convention of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States and British ProvincesMay 15, 1866
A320Mr Hon Secy of State and Family, You are respectfully invited to attend a Private TournamentAugust 20, 1866
A323Hon. Wm H Seward, Washington D. C. St. John's Parish proposes to celebrate the Semi-Centennial AnniversaryDecember 13, 1866
A324Eigth Ward Pioneer Clay Club, of the City of New YorkJanuary 1867
A3251815 Celebration of the 8th of January, 1867.January 1, 1867
A326Sir: The Painting of "The Last Hours of Lincoln" is completed, and will soon be taken from the cityMarch 13, 1867
A327St. Patrick's Festival 1867March 1867
A330American Institute, New York Sir: A grand Exhbition of American Industrial ProductsJuly 1867
A332The honor of Hon Wm H. Seward's company is requestedd at a DINNER in compliment to Senor RomeroSeptember 16, 1867
A335Original May Ball Lewis Caeusi requests the honor of your attendance at his May Festival LeueeMay 6, 1868
A340Sir: Our National Holiday, the Fourth of July, being set apart by the Albany Burgesses Corps to commemorate theJune 29, 1868
A342The honor of your company is requested to a Banquet, to be given by citizens of Baltimore, to Hon. Reverdy JohnsonJuly 15, 1868
A475Banquet tendered by the Municipal Authorities of the city of New York.October 19, 1863
A478Dear Sir: The total expense of the Reception and Entertainment of his excellency President Johnson and suite, amounts to $20,643.65.September 6, 1866
A482Grand Union League Demonstration.April 14, 1863
A493Congress Hall. Complimentary Dinner to Hon. William H. Seward, by Lieut. Governor Raymond.February 14, 1856
A92320 Men Living Witnesses
A929The Trustees and Directors of the Young Men's Christian Association,November 7, 1890
A1075The Twenty-fifth National Anti-Slavery Subscription Anniversary.January 26, 1859
A1114Cotillon Party: Your company is respectfully solicited at the Assembly Room of Jacob Hallenbeck..June 2, 1853
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