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A344Dear Sir, I have recently established a branch of my American House in Nos 1, rue Scribe, for the purpose of producing the latest American FashionsJune 1870
A425Gibson & Reilly, Merchant Tailors, No. II Exchange-St., Auburn N.Y.March 12, 1873
A641Strangers and Others visitng Rochester, are invited to call and inspect the establishment of Case & Mann.
A647Dear Sir: We desire to call your attention to the superior advantages of Chicago, as a Wool market, for Western dealers and growers, as compared with Eastern cities.May 10, 1873; June 1, 1873
A650Geo. G. Clarkson & Co., merchant Tailors, No. 35 State Street, Rochester, N.Y.September, 1871
A666The Rochester Boot and Shoe Store!
A677For the Best and Cheapest Hosiery, ladies and Gentlemen's furnishing and millinery, including velvet and silk bonnets,
C19September 25, 1862
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