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A83Valedictory Address by S. Edwina Brown, Spingler Institute, June 21st, 1854June 21, 1854
A84Order of Exercises for Commencement in the Chapel of the Spingler Institute, Union Park, on Wednesday, June 21st, 1854, at 11 o'clock, A. M.June 21, 1854
A145The Trustees of Columbia College request the attendance of Hon. Wm. H. Seward LL.D…September 28, 1842
A207Dear Madam, The Anniversary Committee take pleasure in informing you that the Annual Examination of the Medina Academy, will begin on Monday, April 5th, and end on Wednesday Evening 7th, with an exhibition in Declamation and Composition.March 4, 1852
A238You are invited to attend the Literary Anniversaries of Union College, to be held in the Presbyterian Church, in Schenectady, on the 20th, 21st, 22d, and 23d days of July, 1856.July 20, 1856
A295Columbian College: You are invited to attend the Exercises of the Forty-first Annual Commencement of the Columbian College..June 15, 1864
A298Georgetown College: You are respectfully invited to attend the Annual Commencement of Georgetown College..June 1864
A309Columbian College. "Dens nobis fiducia."June 28, 1865
A443Union College & University. The Alumni and friends of the Institution are cordially invited to the 79th Commencement.June 26
A458Annual Commencement of Columbia College, Tuesday, October 4, 1842.October 4, 1842
A477Polytechnic College of the State of Pennsylvania.July 1, 1868
A485You are codially invited to attend the Class Day Exercises, of the Class of '63, to be holden at Union College, Schenectady, on Monday, July 29th, 1863.July 10, 1863
A643Commencement College Physicians & Surgeons
A659The Rochester High School Fifth AnniversaryJuly 11, 1862
A660Rochester Seminary, Anniversary Exercises, 1863.June 18, 1863
A665Rochester Free Academy. Commencement Exercises. Friday Evening, July 7, 1865.July 7, 1865
A695Closing Exercises of the Mineroan Society at Miss Harrison's SeminaryJune 14, 1870
A704Complimentary. Livingston Park Seminary Anniversary Week, Commencing Tuesday Morning, June 13th, 1865.June 13, 1865
A758Order of Exercises at the Anniversary of Monticello Female Seminary.June 27, 1849
A759Order of Exercises at the Anniversary of Monticello Seminary, Wednesday, June23, 1858.June 23, 1858
A762Rochester Seminary Anniversary Exercises.June 22, 1865
A763Rochester Seminary Anniversary Exercises, 1867. Junior Class.June 13, 1867
A796Commencement Oswego High School, Academy of Music, Thursday Evening, January 27th, 1887.January 27, 1887
A797Oswego State Normal and Training SchoolJuly 6, 1886
A972Reverendo Johanni Morrison Reid, Presidi Professoribus Eruditis Atque Curatoribus Honorandis Collegii Genesei:July 1871
A989Exhibition at the East Avenue Collegiate Institute,186_?
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