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June 18, 1880
A271German Union Club. Sir, At a well attended meeting of the German Union Club, held last evening, a Committee of three Gentlemen, consisting of Mssrs. F. T. Loes, Professor L. Angele and Peter Fasel reported the following resolutions, which were unanimouslySeptember 5, 1863
A559To the Members of the Andrew Johnson Club of Louisiana
A578Certificate of Life Membership of the Patriotic Union Club!
A580"Live Oak" Club. No. 1.
A654Delta Kappa Epsilon, Fourteenth Annual SupperDecember 2, 1870
A655Dear brother: It is proposed to institue a new chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi among members of one of our most prominent colleges, and the initiation will take place at 3 o'clock in the afternoon of Thursday, Dec. 20th, 1877.December 1, 1877
A657The First Anniversary of the Gates Lodge of Good TemplarsMarch 17, 1869
A658Another Good Time. The Second Annual Raspberry Festival, by the Gates Lodge, Good TemplarsJuly 22, 1869
A728God Save the Union!February 27, 1863
A756Genesee Valley Hunt.July 7, 1888
A767The Noon Rest Lunch Club, 61 North Clinton Street.
A999A meeting of the "Citizens' Association," will be held on Friday, 31st inst., at 3 o'clock, P.M.March 20, 1871
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