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A263Dear Sir: Herewith I send you the first number of my paper, issued on American soil.October 1, 1862
A265Sir: The following is a sketch of a method by means of which the Government may conveniently, economically, and with the least damage practicable to the people and their business concerns, possess itself of the necessary pecuniary means for the reductionJanuary 18, 1863
A267To the People of the State of New York: The undersigned, a Committee of members of the Loyal League, appointed at a mass meeting of the loyal people of the City of New York, held at Madison Square, in said city, on the 20th day of April, 1863, do hereby,May 6, 1863
A268Sir, A Mass Assemblage of Loyal Citizens has been called to meet at the City of Utica on Wednesday, the 27th instant, for the purpose of manifesting their fixed determination to sustain the Government in its rightful efforts to quell the rebellion, and..May 12, 1863
A271German Union Club. Sir, At a well attended meeting of the German Union Club, held last evening, a Committee of three Gentlemen, consisting of Mssrs. F. T. Loes, Professor L. Angele and Peter Fasel reported the following resolutions, which were unanimouslySeptember 5, 1863
A273Metropolitan Tailoring, Army and Navy Uniform Establishment.September 1863
A275Dear Brethren: I hereby recommend that Thursday, the twenty-sixth day of November, be duly observed in the Dioceses of Iowa and Kansas as a day of Public Thanksgiving and Praise to Almighty God for our National mercies, vouchsafed to us in the midst ofNovember 14, 1863
A279Sir: I most respectfully beg to be permitted to lay before you the subjoined suggestions, which, if in your wise opinion you should deem them at all practicable, woud tend:January 1864
A280Sir: We would respectfully ask you to donate something to the Metropolitan Fair, which will open here on the 28th March, next.February 10, 1864
A314My Dear Sir: Mrs. T. J. Welby, one of Maryland's noblest daughtersApril 15, 1866
A336You are cordially invited to attend the ceremonies of Decorating the Graves of Union Dead,May 27, 1868
A358Memorial Committee, Grand Army of the Republic.May 23, 1872
A435Memorial Committee, Grand Army of the Republic.May, 1872
A442The Fair in aid of the Union Home & School for Soldiers' Children, will open at Irving Hall, Oct. 17th, 1864.October 17, 1864
A490Loyal League of Union Citizens, ProgrammeMay 11, 1863
A498Public welcome to Hon. George Thompson, in the city of Washington, at the hall of the House of RepresentativesApril 6, 1864
A532Circular Commanding Officer Post of in assuming command of your post the following instructions will serve as your guidance:August 1, 1865
A533Headquarters United States Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 22, 1864.October 22, 1864
A534Headquarters United states Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 24, 1864.October 24, 1864
A535Headquarters United States Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 19, 1864.October 19, 1864
A536Headquarters United States Forces, Martinsburg, Va., October 19, 1864.October 19, 1864
A538Headquarters, Army & Dist. Of North Carolina, Newbern, N.C., March 11, 1864.March 11, 1864
A539head-Quarters, Army & Dist. Of North Carolina, Newbern, N.C., March 9, 1864.March 9, 1864
A542Union Defence Committee, of the Citizens of New York, Office, No. 30 Pine Street.April 25, 1861
A546War Department, Circular, No. 86.December 1, 1864
A547Headquarters First Army Corps, Circular No. 2.December 3, 1864
A555Draw the Line! We will support the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States
A563To the People.
A570Thoughts on the Times1864
A571For twelve years we have been struggling in Clarion County, against an immense majority, combined with its influence both politically and personally, and without outside co-operating influences, this majority is gradually diminishing.June 24, 1864
A584National Celebration of Union VictoriesFebruary 22, 1865
A586A Protest Against the Ordinance of Secession,January 26, 1861
A587To the Honorable, the Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States upon Military Affairs:1864?
A590Circular of the American Union Commission.1865?
A715The undersigned, Special Agent to procure aid, earnestly solicits the serious consideration of the humane throughout the entire North, to the annexed circular of the Refugee Relief Commission of Ohio, at Cincinnati;December 20, 1864
A716Headquarters Refugee Relief Commission of Ohio, Refugee's Home, Centre Street, near Race.
A725Special Relief Association, Chicago.October 30, 1871
A726The Federacy and the Confederacy.August 1, 1863
A741American Union Commission.November 9, 1864
A802War Legal-Tender Vindicated.April 20, 1870
A803Letter to Senator Johnson. War, Compromise or Separation.March 28, 1861
A814Liberty and Union foreverJune 1864
A818The word of the Lord that came unto the Patriarch Moses, an Israelite of the trive of Joseph and of the lineage of his son EphraimFebruary 14, 1865
A819Extra!!!Dr. Dunlap's advice to Queen Victoria, of England, and Louis Nap. Bonaparte, of France.May 22, 1862
A869The Great War Novel.186?
A966Spinola's Empire Brigade! Thurlow Weed Guard!June 23, 1990
A973Men of Color, To Arms!March 2, 1863
B6Confederate States of America. Loan Authorized by Act of Congress Approved April 30, 1863.June 1, 1863
B33To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States.
B71Southern Famine Relief Commission.May 13, 1867
B83A warning to the country
B96$900,000,000 Loan Act. Hon. E. G. Spaulding's Second Letter on The National Finances.April 11, 1864
B107Gerrit Smith on McClellan's Nomination and Acceptance.September 14, 1864
C4February 22, 1865
C58Hon. John L. Dunlap of New York, and Maj. Gen. Sherman, of Ohio, in 1868.February 7, 1865
C64Evening Express--Extra. Rochester, July 4, 1863.July 4, 1863
C65Extra! The Evening Express. Rochester, Sunday April 14, 10 A.M.April 14, 1861
C95Extra! Rebellion Ended! Gen. Lee Surenders to Gen. Grant.April, 1865
C108Daily Union Extra. Thursday, 11 O'clock A.M. May 7, 1863.May 7, 1863
D7October 19, 1864
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