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A206Dear Sir: You will learn by the subjoined correspondence that a subscriptionhas been opened for the purpose of presenting to the illustrious Louis Kossuth a testimonial of American sympathy and liberality, worthy of him and of the country which is …October 8, 1851
A216Sir: Mr. Webster, years ago, emancipated a negro man named "William," with whose good service as "body servant," up to the death bed at Marshfield, you may be acquainted, and whom he so kindly mentioned in his will.January 1, 1853
A226Dear Sir: The undersigned, a Committee appointed at a meeting of the citizens of Albany, held at the Capitol on the 18th day of February instant, propose, at the suggestion of several friends in different parts of the state, to call a meeting in said cityFebruary 29, 1856
A264Sir: The Music Department of the Cooper Union of the City of New York propose giving a Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert, in the Large Hall of the Cooper Union, on the 23rd of December, for the benefit of the "Ladies' Association for the Relief of..November 6, 1862
A306Sir: You are respcetfully invited to attend a meeting of the "American Union Commission," at the Hall of the House of RepresentativesFebruary 9, 1864
A328Dear Brethren: The the Lodge has made it our duty to make known to you the destitute condition of a large number of indigent Master MasonsApril 17, 1867
A366Dear Sir: You are respectfully inivited to attend the Third Annual Meetings of the National Freedmens' Relief Association
A442The Fair in aid of the Union Home & School for Soldiers' Children, will open at Irving Hall, Oct. 17th, 1864.October 17, 1864
A501Grand Concert. Easter Monday Night, March 28, 1864.March 12, 1864
A587To the Honorable, the Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States upon Military Affairs:1864?
A590Circular of the American Union Commission.1865?
A592National Sailors' Fair.April 19, 1864
A594Army Relief Bazaar.January 18, 1864
A595Army Relief Bazaar at Albany.January 18, 1864
A596Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio, 95 Bank Street, Cleveland.February 22, 1864
A598St. John's Hotel for Invalids.March, 1864
A599Sick and Wounded Soldiers.March, 1864
A604Fair to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home.April 14, 1865
A606Rev. Dr. Sunderland, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church..June 1, 1866
A611To the Ladies of AuburnJanuary 1, 1852
A621Dear Sir: Your attention is respectfully directed to the following Address, adopted at a meeting of the friends of the late Thos. Devin Reilly..September 15, 1856
A645Grand Choral and Instrumental Concert, in aid of Chapel Fund of Madison Ave. Reformed Church, at Steinway Hall, Friday evening, Feb, 6th, 1874.February 6, 1874
A656Concert for the Benefit of the Rochester Female Charitable Society, at Corinthian Hall, on Friday Evening, November 23, 1860.1860
A715The undersigned, Special Agent to procure aid, earnestly solicits the serious consideration of the humane throughout the entire North, to the annexed circular of the Refugee Relief Commission of Ohio, at Cincinnati;December 20, 1864
A716Headquarters Refugee Relief Commission of Ohio, Refugee's Home, Centre Street, near Race.
A725Special Relief Association, Chicago.October 30, 1871
A732The Ladies of the Mount Vernon Association of the Union, in the State of New York.April 6, 1860
A740The American Indian Aid AssociationOctober 1, 1837
A741American Union Commission.November 9, 1864
A795Grand Benefit Entertainment for the Infants Summer HospitalSeptember 13, 1888
A808The Rochester Female Charitable Society1891
A921Society for the organization of Charity, Rochester, N.Y.1895
A939A Call to Replenish an Empty Treasury.1882
A940A Call to Replenish an Empty Treasury.
A941The Rochester Female Charitable Society
A942The Rochester Female Charitable Society
A943Semi-Centennial and Annual Appeal.
A944A Call for Help.
A945A Call to Replenish an Empty Treasury.
A946The experiment was made last year of publishing the annual appeal of the Rochester Female Charitable Society in the newspapers of the city, instead of mailing it, as had been the custom.
A947The Rochester Female Charitable Society has for its object the relief of the sick and the infirm poor, without regard to creed or nationality.
A963Rochester Orphan Asylum, Hubbell Park.December 18, 1873
A964Kind Friends: In view of the immense amount of labor and time taken in the Annual Donations that have so long been a feature of the charitable organizations of this city,October 18, 1890
A965Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Rochester Orphan Asylum, November 10th, 1887.November 10, 1887
B42The undersigned, a Committee appointed at a public meeing held at Geneva December 4, take the liberty to send you the enclosed form of a Memorial to our Legislature, in the hope you may be disposed, in conjunction with others, to adopt some systematicDecember 5, 1856
B43To the Loyal Citizens of the United States of America.
B71Southern Famine Relief Commission.May 13, 1867
B79Rochester Female Charitable Society for the relief of the sick poor, founded 1822.1915
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