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A14Dissolution: The Co-partnership heretofore existing between Edw'd Mott Robinson and WM. T. Coleman…February 23, 1865
A15Notice. The business of Wm. T. Coleman & Co., and of "Coleman's California Line," will be conducted in future by Wm. T. Coleman…March 13, 1865
A18Dear Sir: Referring to the annexed notice of dissolution of the firm of Wm. T. Coleman & co. …December 31, 1867
A24Dear Sir: We are pained to announce the death of our esteemed Associate Mr. George Platt, which occurred in this City on 2nd instant and by which event the firm of Platt & Newton became dissolved.May 3, 1871
A26Executive Office: Western Union Telegraph Co., 145 Broadway, New York.September 14, 1872
A46Honorable Freeman Clarke, Comptroller of the Currency.1866
A47We take pleasure in informing you that we have formed a co-partnership for the transaction of a Stock Commission business…January 1, 1866
A48Office of the United States Telegraph Co.,March 16, 1866
A62Terms of Subscription to the Reference Book1862?
A359We have this day, as requested, forwarded to you by Amer ExpressMay 27, 1872
A382Daily Evening Bulletin186?
A387United states and Foreign Agency, at Washington City D.C.February 23, 1846
A396Copartnership Notice. The subscribers have formed a copartnership, and will conduct the Wholesale Grocery BusinessJune 1, 1853
A399Dissolution. The limited Copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribersMarch 1, 1856
A926Dear Sir: You have no doubt noticed by the papers that we are advertising for bids for excavating for our building.March 21, 1889
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