Bragdon Family Papers - Claude Bragdon Architectural Drawings

Date range:
Location: D.87
Size: 185 folders, 9 boxes



Claude Fayette Bragdon, architect, stage designer, author and theosophist, was born in Oberlin, Ohio, August 1, 1866, the son of George Chandler and Katherine Elmina (Shipherd) Bragdon. George Chandler Bragdon was editor of a succession of newspapers, and the family lived in a variety of Upstate New York towns before settling permanently in Rochester in 1884.

Claude Bragdon began his architectural training in the office of Louis P. Rogers in 1886. After a year he went to work for Putnam and Block (Josiah H. Putnam and Otto Block), leaving that office shortly to work for Charles Ellis, the brother of Harvey Ellis. During this period he helped to organize the Rochester Architectural Club, and entered a number of draughting competitions sponsored by professional groups in New York and Chicago. Bragdon next worked for Bruce Price in New York and Green and Wicks in Buffalo.

In 1891 he returned to Rochester to go into partnership with Edwin S. Gordon and William H. Orchard. This partnership was dissolved in 1895, when Bragdon went to Europe for several months, visiting England, France and Italy. He returned to Rochester and opened a practice with J. Con Hillman, which was prosperous by 1900. The most important commissions in those early years were the addition to the Livingston County Courthouse in Geneseo, five police precinct stations for the city of Rochester, the Rochester Athletic Club, and a number of private residences in Rochester and Oswego. The partnership with Hillman was dissolved about 1904.

Bragdon continued to practice in Rochester until 1923. His major commissions during this second period were the New York Central Railroad station, the Canandaigua Historical Building, the Maplewood Branch YMCA, the Bevier Building, Rochester Mechanic's Institute (now Rochester Institute of Technology), the First Universalist Church, Rochester, and the Italian Presbyterian Church, Rochester. Bragdon's practice was diminished after his quarrel with George Eastman over the decoration of the ceiling of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce Building in 1917. After that year, his principal commission was the design for the Hunter Street Bridge, Peterborough, Ontario. In 1923 he moved to New York and turned his attention to stage design for Walter Hampden. He resided there until his death in 1946.

Besides his practical contributions to the field, Bragdon wrote three books on architectural theory, The Beautiful Necessity, 1910, Architecture and Democracy, 1918, and The Frozen Fountain, 1932. He also wrote the forward to Louis Sullivan's Autobiography of an Idea, and edited Sullivan's Kindergarten Chats.

One longtime associate of Bragdon's was James Burns Arnold (1881-1957). He left the Bragdon office to begin the firm of Arnold and Stern (1915-1932) with Herbert Morland Stern. They were responsible for a number of buildings in Rochester and the area.

The collection is organized by commission, roughly in chronological order. The number assigned to each job or group of jobs is taken from the rolls in which the drawings were stored. The material consists of preliminary sketches and studies, perspective sketches and renderings, working drawings on linen, blueprint copies, full scale details, photographs and specifications. The drawings are stored flat in map folders. The accompanying specifications are shelved with the manuscript collections. The following register is alphabetized by client name to aid searchers. An index by job number is located in the Department of Rare Books & Special Collections.

Alphabetical Index: A-D, E-K, L-R, S-U, and V-Z

Gift of Harwood Dryer, October and December 1974, March 1975
Gift of Mrs. W. Allen Wallis, 1974 (Roll 55)
Deposited by Henry Bragdon, 1977 (Roll 90)

Biographical information--Bragdon, Claude Fayette. More Lives Than One, New York, 1938.

See also: A.B81 Bragdon Family Papers, 1819-1966.









60Adams, Elbridge L.Alterations to house 
41Allen, Ethan.Country house at North Andover, Mass. 
32Allen, Leonard.Addition to house at 21 Argyle St., Rochester, NY 
41Allen Woolen Mills, 6 Elton St., Rochester, N.Y.Loom shed and officeSeptember 1902 and September 1912
154Alliance BankAlterations to office at 183 Main St.E., Rochester, NY 
American Face Brick AssociationSmall house 
29Ashley, EgbertHouse at 251 Culver Road, Rochester, NYNovember 1897
144Ashley, Egbert F.House at 24 Hawthorne St., Rochester, NYMarch 1912
61Atlas Real Estate Co.Two family apartment house at 18 Hubbell Park, Rochester, NYApril 1909
88Averill, JamesTombstone in Mt. Hope Cemetary, Rochester, NY, sect. D, lot 143February 1905
55Babcock, Charles H.Garage and additions to house at 22 Berkeley St., Rochester, NYJanuary and July 1914, January 1918
39Bacon, TheodoreKitchen addition to houses at 58 & 60 Gibbs St., Rochester, NYApril 1899
59Bailey, George I.House at ____ Partridge St., Albany, NY 
73Ball, John ChesterHouse at Lake and North Avenue, Keuka Park, NYSeptember 1904
107 BankDecember 1904
113Barnard, HenryAlteration to roof at 1565 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 
113Barnard, HenryHouse at 47 Colby Street, Rochester, NYSeptember 1909
113Barnard, HenryHouses at Sibley Place, Rochester, NY 
52Barnard, HoustonAlterations to house, Rochester, NY 
139Barnard, HoustonHouse at ____ Seneca Parkway, Rochester, NYFebruary 1912
173Barnard, HoustonGarage at 7 Strathallen Park, Rochester, NYOctober 1914
137Bartlett, H.B.Alterations to house at Holley, NYDecember 1911
125Beckley, John N.House at 75 Berkeley St., Rochester, NYFebruary 1910
61Beckley, Walter R.House at 83 Berkeley St., Rochester, NYJune 1909
131 Bevier Memorial Building, Mechanics Institute, Spring St., Rochester, NY1910
50Bly, Myron T.House at 63 S. Goodman St., Rochester, NY 
75Bonbright, G.D.Alterations to office at 100 Powers Bldg., Rochester, NYSeptember 1903
130Booth, Mary E.Alterations to a house on Culver Road, Rochester, NYMarch 1911
13Boswell, Charles P.
Additions and alterations to house at 1025 East Avenue, Rochester, NYJune 1900
47Boswell, Mrs. C.P.House on Bates St., Rochester, NY 
124Brady, Mrs. Charles G.Stable at 69 Adams St., Rochester, NYSeptember 1909
88Bragdon, Claude F.Alteration to office, 415 Cutler Building, Rochester, NY 
90Bragdon, Claude F.Alterations to office, 415 Cutler Building, Rochester, NYMay 1916
141Bragdon, Claude F.Attic playroom, fence and shed at 3 Castle Park, Rochester, NY 
90Bragdon, Claude F.House at 3 Castle Park, Rochester, NYSeptember 1901
185Bragdon, Katherine E.Tombstone1920
30Brewster, E.F.Addition to house at 141 S. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, NYApril 1901
50Brewster, H.P. Cigar StoreAlterations to store at 48 Main St. E., Rochester NYJanuary 1898
115Brewster, HenryEnclosed veranda 
154Brewster, Henry C.Sleeping porch 
50Brewster, Henry EstateFrame stores at NE corner Court St. and Clinton Ave. S., Rochester, NYJuly 1897
25Brewster, Miss JaneAlterations to house at Avon, NY 
103Brewster, Miss JaneAlterations to stable, Avon, NY 
185Brice, W.K.Addition to house at Huntington, Long IslandJune 1919
---Brice, W.K.Temporary lab and workshop, Harrington, Long Island 
Brick Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NYInterior illumination 
64Brooks, BenedictAlterations to house at Pearl Creek, NY 
2Brown, ThomasAlterations to cottage on Ontario Beach, Rochester, NY 
176Brownell, Dr. J.R.House at Perry, NYAugust 1916
82Buell, ElyHouse at ____ Oliver Street, Rochester, NY1905
102Buell, ElyHouse at ____ Portland Avenue, Rochester, NY 
7Buell, ElyHouse at ____ Portland Avenue, Irondequoit, NY 
5Buell, ElySummer cottage at ____ Portland Avenue, Rochester, NYJuly 1900
55Buell, George C.House at 22 Berkeley St., Rochester, NYAugust 1901
73Buffalo Country ClubAddition 
39Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh RailroadCoal office at Rochester, NY1899
2Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh RailroadFreight office at Allegany, PANovember 1899
12Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh RailroadStation at Bradford, PAMay 1893
18Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh RailroadPassenger station at Dubois, PAJune 1893
12Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh RailroadStation at Dubois, PA 
88Cameron, DeLancy A.Mantels for houseJanuary 1904
 See Johnston Campbell  
160 Canandaigua Historical Building, Canandaigua, NYMay 1913
115Canandaigua National Bank, Canandaigua, NYAddition 
150Carnahan, George A.House at 35 East Blvd., Rochester, NYJuly 1912
12Cascade Park, Springville, NYPavilion and refectoryMay 1899
141Case, Miss Fannie L.Dining pavilion 
34Central Bank, Rochester, NYAdditions and alterations to office, Wilder Bldg.January 1898, January 1900, February 1906
44Chester, ThomasAlterations to house at 7 Granger Place, Rochester, NY 
88Church, Frederick F.Automobile house at 64 Barrington St., Rochester, NYJune 1904
67Church of the Ascension, Rochester, NYAddition 
--- Church of the Ascension, Toronto, Ontario1932
185College of William and MaryGymnasiumMay 1923
14Citizen's Bank, Dansville, NYAlterationsDecember 1898
153 Clark Manor House Infirmary, Canandaigua, NYAugust 1912
134Clubb, John ScottHouse at 116 Crosman Terrace, Rochester, NYJune 1911
83Coggeswell, W.N.Alterations to house 
141Coggeswell, WilliamClothes closet 
119Cook, Edward J.House at 233 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 
85Cory, Harvey E.House at 1270 East Avenue, Rochester, NYSeptember 1904 and November 1909
105Country Life magazineHouseMarch 1907
29Coyne, E.P.House in Geneseo, NY 
141Crapsey, Algernon S.Bench 
171Crockett, A.E.House at 3 Milton [Manila] St., Rochester, NYMarch 1914
87Cronise, AdelbertAlterations and additions to house at 27 S. Goodman St., Rochester, NYOctober 1905
112Cronise, AdelbertPergola and tea house at 27 S. Goodman St., Rochester, NY 
141Cutler Building, Rochester, NYEntrance 
78Cutler, J.G. and J.W.Brick store in Cutler Building, Rochester, NYApril and June 1904, May 1916
65Cutler, James G.Library addition to house at 766 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 
98Cutler, James G.Alterations to house at 766 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 
78Cutler, James G.Library addition to house at 766 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 
63Cutler, James WarrenAlterations to house at 94 Merriman St., Rochester, NY 
174Cutler Realty Co.Stores at 52, 54, and 56 East Avenue, Rochester, NYFebruary 1916
83David, JohnHouse at 246 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 
---DeForest, Alling S.Office in Sibley Building, Rochester, NY 
43Demarest, Charles M.Alteration to house at 287 Alexander St., Rochester, NYJune 1911
1 Despatch, Hotel, Despatch, NYApril 1898
84Dickson, W.L.House in Cincinnati, OhioOctober 1904
13 Dutch Reformed Church, Ontario, NY 




184Eastman, GeorgeGarden and loggia at 900 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 
91Eastwood, Albert B.House at 262 Culver Road, Rochester, NYJune 1905
151Eastwood, Albert B.House and garage at 262 Culver Road, Rochester, NYApril 1905 and April 1913
109Eastwood, WilliamHouse at 258 Culver Road, Rochester, NYOctober 1906
30Ellwanger and Barry Co., Rochester, NYSign and houses 
42Ellwanger and Barry Realty Co.House at 933 Meigs St., Rochester, NYSeptember 1909
60Ellwanger and Barry Realty Co.Houses at 177 and 191 Linden St., Rochester, NYMay 1903
88Ellwanger, G.Bathroom and panelled ceiling 
67Ely, Dr. W.S.Alterations and additions to house 
6Emerson, Frank W.Alterations to house in Pittsford, NY 
6Emerson, Frank W.House at ____ Park Avenue, Rochester, NY 
60Everest, Charles M.Alterations to house at 720 Main St. W., Rochester, NY 
71Everest, Charles M.House at 56 West Avenue, Rochester, NYNovember and December 1902 and March 1903
64Everest, Charles M.Alterations to house at 56 West Avenue, Rochester, NY 
72Everest, Charles M.Stable and buildings at 56 West Avenue, Rochester, NYMarch 1903 and October 1916
104Everest, RaymondTwo houses on Appleton Street, Rochester, NYMarch 1907
89Fahy, JohnBungalow in Franklin Township, Franklin County, NY1904
154Farley, J.A.Alterations to cottage at Ontario Beach, Rochester, NY 
154Farley, J.A.Proposed additions to house at 251 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 
142 Fellowship Hall, Greenacre, Eliot, York County, Maine 
15Ferrin, Charles J.House at ____ Sibley Place, Rochester, NY 
14Fidelity Trust Co., Rochestester, NYAlterations 
64Firestone High SchoolGarden and sheds, Akron, Ohio 
98First Congregational Church, Canandaigua, NYAlterationsMay 1912
154First Congregational Church, Canandaigua, NYAlterationsJanuary 1912
141 First Dutch Reformed Church, Alexander St., Rochester, NYJune 1909
156First Presbyterian Church, LeRoy, NYAddition and alterationsJuly 1913
114  First Universalist Church, Rochester, NYJune 1907
88Fitzsimmons, Mrs. C.V.Alterations to house at 5 Livingston Park, Rochester, NY 
75Flour City National BankAlterations to office at 32 State St., Rochester, NYJuly 1903
56Fobes, AlanHouse (Designed by Henry Wilkinson) 
138Forbes, JohnHouse at 375 Westminster Road, Rochester, NYMay 1911
128Force, John W.Cottage at Anchorage, Summerland, Alexandria Bay, NYJanuary 1911
107Fortnightly Club, Oswego, NYAddition 
175Freer, W.B.House in Williamson, NYApril 1915
161Frey, John B.House at ____ East Avenue, Pittsford, NYSeptember 1912
123Frey, John B.Houses at ____ & ____ Menlo Place, Rochester, NY 
32Gallagher, Thomas E.Alteration to house in Dansville, NY 
173 Garage between Elm and Cortland Streets, Rochester, NY 
28General Otis Arch, Rochester, NYEast Ave. and E. Main St.June 1900
4Genesee Valley Club, Rochester, NYAddition 
141Genesee Valley Club, Rochester, NYFlagpole holder 
64Genesee Valley Trust Co., Rochester, NYPartition 
149Gilmore, J.H. Jr.House at 1539 Highland Avenue, Rochester, NYOctober 1912
106Goodwin, Fred G.House at 19 Sibley Place, Rochester, NYSeptember 1906
163Gorsline, William H.Cottage near Forest Lawn, Rochester, NYAugust 1913
97Hamilton, R.A.Alterations to house 
92Hamilton, R.A.Cold room for house 
67Harlan, Mrs. M.F.Cottage at Point-a-Pic, Quebec, CanadaOctober 1901
46Harlan, Richard D.Cottage at Murray Bay, Point-a-Pic, Quebec, CanadaSeptember 1900
109Harlan, Richard D.Alteration to cottage at Murray Bay, Quebec, Canada 
46Harlan, Richard D.Alteration to house at 199 Oxford, St., Rochester, NY 
97Harris, AlbertAdirondack lodge 
107Harris, AlbertAdirondack lodge 
32Harris, EdwardHouse at East Avenue and Argyle St., Rochester, NY 
113Harris, Edward Jr.Alterations to cottage at Rock Beach, Irondequoit, NY 
64Harris, Edward Jr.Alterations to house at 219 Culver Road, Rochester, NYMarch 1912
66Hart, James C.Bungalow at Mumford, NYMay 1903
45Haydon, C.A.Bedroom mantel 
45Hayward, SumnerBungalow at Summerville, Rochester, NY 
115Hebbard, DelbertHouse at 1 Castle Park, Rochester, NYJuly 1908
64Hebbard, DelbertAddition to house at 1 Castle Park, Rochester, NY 
163Herzberger, Mrs. William C.House at ____ Menlo Place, Rochester, NYSeptember 1913
180Higgins, John D.Farm Buildings at Kingsford Farms, Oswego, NYNovember 1914, December 1915 and May 1916
53Higgins, John D.House at ____ Fourth St., Oswego, NY 
64Hill, Mrs. Henry M.Alterations to house at ____ Sibley Place, Rochester, NY 
7Holling, Paul A.House at Pultneyville, NYApril 1900
88Hooker, H.B.Alterations to house 
111Hoskins, L.G.House at Geneva, NYApril 1906
87 House at Edgewood Park, Westfield, NJ 
67Howe, Henry J.Alterations to house at 81 Prince St., Rochester, NYMarch 1902
44Hoyt, Herbert W.House at 225 Culver Road, Rochester, NYApril 1901
101 Hunter Street Bridge, Peterborough, Ontario1918
87Huntington, Henry F.Alterations and additions to house at 136 West Avenue, Rochester, NYDecember 1905
129Hurlburt, W.J.House on Scottsville Road, Monroe County, NYOctober 1911
151Irondequoit Canoe ClubClub House on Irondequoit Bay, NY 
167 Italian Presbyterian Church, Magne Street, Rochester, NYMay 1914
169Jameson, TheodoreHouse 
117Jewett, Dr. David B.Alterations to house at 219 Alexander St., Rochester, NYApril 1917
173Jewett, Dr. David B.Sleeping porch enclosureJune 1915
17 Johnston, CampbellHouse at Pasadena, CaliforniaSeptember 1896
162Judson, Junius R.House at 5 Highland Heights, Brighton, NYJuly 1913
172Keller, Fred L.House at 8 Ridge Road, Rochester, NYMarch 1915
116Kellogg, J.F.House at Avon, NYApril 1908
88Kendrick, RylandAlterations to house in Irondequoit, NY 
10Kennedy, John W. and F.H. LattimoreCountry house at Highland Avenue, Rochester, NYNovember 1900
6Kent, J.H.Addition to house at 48 East Avenue, Rochester, NYAugust 1896
76Kidder, J.H.Rectory in Oswego, NYMarch 1902
3Kimball, Mrs. W.S.Alteration to 2nd story room in house at 145 Troup St., Rochester, NY 
11Kingsford, ThomsonAlterations to house, Oswego, NY 
43Kirk, Henry R.Summer cottage at Ontario Blvd., Summerville, Rochester, NYMarch 1900
132Knowlton, F.K.Alterations to house and barns at 3901 East Ave., Rochester, NY 
170Kurtz, Henry F.House at 37 Huntington Park, Rochester, NYMay 1914




158Larkin, George A.House at Olean, NYAugust and November 1912
10Lattimore, Francis Hill and J.W. KennedyCountry house at ____ Highland Ave., Rochester, NYNovember 1900
154Lindsay, Alexander M.Tea house at 973 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 
3Line, George R.Piazza addition to house at 36 Meigs St., Rochester, NY 
61Little, Beekman C.House at 96 Westminster Road, Rochester, NYApril 1909
69Little, Seely W.Cottage at Forest Lawn, Rochester, NYMay 1908
23 &
 Livingston County Court House Addition, Geneseo, NY1898
103Lovett, WilliamCow stable 
155Lowenguth, L.E.House at 30 Magee Avenue, Rochester, NYApril 1913
45Lyon, G.R.Front piazza 
1McBride, A.D.Farmhouse at Irondequoit, NYMay 1891
56McBride, A.D.House at Deland, FloridaJune 1894
56McBride, A.D.House at Deland, FloridaMay 1891
56McBride, A.D.Interior finish of office 
88McBride, J.A.House in Brighton, NY 
126McBride, J.A.House at ____ East Avenue, Pittsford, NY 
143McDavid, FloraBungalow at Altavista, VirginiaJanuary 1912
97McDonnell, A.M.Bungalow at Cape Vincent, NY 
28McNerney, A.GAlteration of store 
25Macy, S.J. Jr.Alterations to house near Avon, NYMarch 1900
182 Maplewood YMCA (Northwestern branch), Rochester, NYAugust 1915
42Marchand, Louis J.House at ____ East Avenue, Pittsford, NYMay and June 1909
145Mead, EmoryHouse at 4357 Nine Mile Road, Fairport, NY1912
156 Memorial Clock Tower, Wyoming, NYJune 1913
124Miles, Mrs. C.B.Alterations to apartment house at 38 S. Union St., Rochester, NYApril 1909
124Miles, Mrs. Charles B.House at ____ Peck Street, Rochester, NYJuly 1908
124Miles, Mrs. Cora B.Alterations to house at 451 Park Avenue, Rochester, NY 
173Miller, R.T.Additions and alterations to house in Scottsville, NYNovember 1913
88Milliken, C.F.Porch for house in Canandaigua, NYApril 1910
108Miner, Edward G.House at 20 Argyle Street, Rochester, NYMay 1906
179Monroe County Savings Bank, Rochester, NYAlterations to office at 33 & 35 State Street, Rochester, NYMarch 1917
166Moore, Mrs. AgnesHouse at 160 Pinnacle Road, Rochester, NYSeptember 1911
104Moore, HarryHouse 
121Moore, WillardHouse and stable at 3940 East Avenue, Pittsford, NYAugust 1908
88Mosher, AlfredAlteration to porch at 108 Troup St., Rochester, NY 
57Mosher, Howard T.>House at 216 Alexander St., Rochester, NYApril 1901
16Mulligan, EdwardAlterations and additions to house at 788 East Avenue, Rochester, NYJuly 1896 and April 1897
117Nester, Mrs. S.K.Alterations to house at ____ Lockland Road, Geneva, NYMarch 1909
3Newton, J.A.Alterations to house at ____ Wadsworth St., Geneseo, NYJune 1898
141Northrup, MissWooden seat, Wolcott, NY 
56Noyes, Fred W.Addition to house at Dansville, NY 
49O'Hare, Mrs. D.R.House at 8 Strathallen Park, Rochester, NY 
47O'Hare, Thomas A.House at 8 Strathallen Park, Rochester, NY 
154Ojibway Hotel, Ontario, CanadaStairway and elevator tower 
127Olmsted, Allan F.Factory building at LeRoy, NYAugust 1911
141Olmsted, W.L.S.Porte cochere 
111Ontario County Times, Canandaigua, NYStorefront, ____ Main St.June 1907
165Osburn, Emory W.Cottage at Thousand Islands, N.Y.January 1912
180Oswego Yacht Club, Oswego, NYClub house at ____ Lake St.August 1914
156?Owen and Parkhouse, Wyoming, NYRetail storeMay 1908
67Painter, __________Cottage at Watch Hill, RI 
15Palmer, Charles H.Alterations and additions to house at 18 Merriman St., Rochester, NYMay 1900
68Palmer, Charles H.Summer house near Forest Lawn, Rochester, NYOctober 1908
51Palmer, Miss S.F.Summer cottage at Forest Lawn, Rochester, NY 
115Paterson, HarrietHouse 
51Perkins, Antoinette PumpellyTombstone1893
51Perkins, Aaron EricksonBungalow in Brighton, NY1907
6Perkins, Aaron EricksonAddition to house at 292 East Ave., Rochester, NY 
6Perkins, GilmanAddition to house at 221 East Ave., Rochester, NYMay 1896
6Perkins, James BreckAlteration to house at ____ East Avenue, Brighton, NY 
6Perkins, James BreckAlterations to house at ____ East Ave., Rochester, NYApril 1905
169Perrigo, Henry L.House at ____ Woodman Road, Irondequoit, NYMarch 1914
69Pfaudler Co., Rochester, NYFactory officeSeptember 1902
66Pitkin, Miss KatherineAdditions and alterations to house at 18 Gladstone St., Rochester, NY 
79 Police Precinct Stations, Rochester, NY:
740 University Avenue
140 Bronson Avenue
464 Lyell Avenue
320 Joseph Avenue
131 Franklin Street
June 1904
183Presbyterian Church, Warsaw, NYInterior alterationsMarch 1917
80Pressy, J.W.Summer residence, Diamond Island, near Portland, MaineFebruary 1904
68Pritchard, Albert R.Alterations to house at 4 Argyle Street, Rochester, NY 
40Pumpelly, Gurdon H.House at ____ Front Street, Owego, NY1902
65Pumpelly, James F.Alterations and additions to house at ____ Front St., Owego, NYJune 1902
45 Pumphouse, Avon, NY 
156? Public Square, Wyoming, NY (Fleming and Townsend, Landscape Archts.)May 1908
81Rainsford, Rev. W.S.Summer house at Point-a-Pic, Quebec, CanadaMay 1903
163Ramsdell, Mrs. G.D.House at ____ Menlo Place, Rochester, NYMarch 1913
94Ranlet, RobertAlterations to house at 28 N. Goodman St., Rochester, NYFebruary 1906
177Reed, Frank E.House at 390 Wellington Avenue, Rochester, NYApril 1917
143Reid, Mrs. PriceArbor, Alta Vista, Virginia 
154Reiner, Harry C.Alterations to house at 11 Livingston Park, Rochester, NY 
141Reiner, Harry C.Linen and clothes closet 
171Remington, W.B.HouseJanuary 1914
156? Retail stores, Main and Academy Streets, Wyoming, NYMay 1908
30Reynolds Library, Spring St., Rochester, NYAlterationsMay and June 1898
68 Rochester Athletic Club, 72 N. Clinton St., Rochester, NY (Leon Stern in association with Bragdon & Hillman)1902
88Rochester Chamber of CommerceParade floatOctober 1910
19 Rochester Country Club, Brighton, NYFebruary 1903 and May 1907
27 Rochester Country Club, Brighton, NY 
5Roe, John O.Alterations to house at 16 N. Goodman St., Rochester, NYNovember 1900
173Rogers, ClintonCottage at Webster, NY1915




St. Marks in the Bouwerie, New York, NYInterior illuminationMarch 1921
70St. Paul's ChurchRectory at 65 Barrington St., Rochester, NYJune 1903
64St. Paul's Church, Rochester, NYSign 
18St. Peter's Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NYParish House on Grove St.July 1899
128Sargent, JamesDouble house at corner of Chestnut and Lawn St., Rochester, NY (Designed by George F. Hutchison) 
70Schminke, Christopher F.House at 57 Barrington St., Rochester, NY1903
141Security Trust Co., Rochester, NYBook vaultFebruary 1912
88Selden CarDesign for exhibit1911
115Seneca, HotelPlan of store 
48Sibley EstateHouse at Sibley, Ford County, IllinoisJune 1901
Sibley EstateHouse at 404 East Avenue, Rochester, NYNovember 1919
22Sibley, Hiram W.Alterations to house at 400 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 
48Sibley, Hiram W.Alterations to house at 400 East Avenue, Rochester, NYMarch 1901
22Sibley, Hiram W.Interior of yacht "Thetis"1899
22Sibley, Hiram W.Play house at 400 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 
41Sibley, Hiram W.Setting for bust of H.W. Sibley at University of Rochester, Rochester, NY1903
41Sibley, Hiram W.Squash court at 400 East Avenue, Rochester, NYMay 1902
41Sibley, Hiram W.Stable at 400 East Avenue, Rochester, NY (Designed by James G. Cutler) 
154Sim's Inn, Pittsford, NYSign 
173Skeele, AmosHouse at ____ Jefferson Avenue, Rochester, NY 
136Slemin, Harry C.House at 1422 Highland Avenue, Rochester, NYAugust 1911 and May 1916
17Sloan, RobertAlterations to house at Woodmere, Long Island 
17Sloan, RobertHouse at ____ W. 5th St., Oswego, NYFebruary 1895
96Sloan, W.E.House at 1250 East Avenue, Rochester, NYAugust 1905
141Sloan, W.E.Trellis and sleeping porch 
32Sloan, WilliamAlterations to house 
88 Small House 
112Smith, Arthur C.Alterations to house 
141Smith, Arthur C.Porch 
118Smith, C. WalterHouse at 254 Culver Road, Rochester, NYMay 1908
154Smith, Clarence W.Bookstore at 44 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 
135Soble, Nathan W.House at 2309 East Avenue, Rochester, NYAugust 1910
36Spader, WillardAlteration to house at 261 Culver Road, Rochester, NYOctober 1901
36Spader, WillardAlteration to office, 134-137 Powers Block, Rochester, NYAugust 1901
35Spader, WillardStable at ____ Brunswick St., Rochester, NYJune and August 1901
141Stein, __________Room in Hotel Seneca 
58Stein, LouisSilver safe 
43Stein, NathanAdditions to cottage at Charlotte, NY 
58Stein, NathanCottage at 476 Beach Avenue, Charlotte, NY1897, 1902, 1915, 1917
43Stein, NathanAddition to house at 50 Gibbs Street, Rochester, NY 
59Stein, NathanGarden improvement at 50 Gibbs Street, Rochester, NYMay 1898
143Stewart, A.M.Alterations to house 
76Stratton, EdwinAlterations to house at 383 Front St., Owego, NYMay 1902
142Strong, H.G.Alterations to house at 505 University Avenue, Rochester, NYMay 1912
99Strong, Henry G.House at ____ East Avenue, Rochester, NYAugust 1906
100Strong, William L.House at ____ College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJAugust 1905
8Stull, John M.House at 507 West Avenue, Rochester, NYApril 1898
147Stull, John M.House at Meadowwood, Golah, NYFebruary 1912
64Stull, John M.Grape arbor 
62Sunderlin Co.Alteration to store front at 78 Main St. E., Rochester, NY 
173Swan, George L.Porte cochere1914
88Taylor, Joseph W.Addition to house at 366 Oxford St., Rochester, NY 
110Taylor, Joseph W.Alterations to house at 366 Oxford St., Rochester, NY 
75Taylor, Rev. William R.Alterations to house at Keene Valley, NY 
94Taylor, Rev. William R.Alterations to house at Keene Valley, NY 
75Taylor, Rev. William R.Alterations to house at 13 Prince St., Rochester, NY 
141Taylor, Rev. William R.Log house at Keene Valley, NY 
152Thomas, Rev. James BishopHouse on Bellvue St., corner Mt. Vernon Ave., Rochester, NYOctober 1912
7Thoms, Charles M.Partitions an alterations in office, 129 & 131 Powers Bldg., Rochester, NYNovember 1899
45Thomas, W.H.Funerary monuments 
57Thorn, EdwinAlterations to house at 269 Genesee St., Utica, NY1900
156?Tillotson, F.R.Retail store, Wyoming, NYMay 1908
156 Town Hall, LeRoy, NYJuly 1913
21Trader's National Bank, Rochester, NYAlterations to office in Ellwanger & Barry Building, State St.November 1897
10Trotter, C.W.House 
 See First Universalist Church  




60Vacuum Oil Co.Exhibit at Paris ExpositionJanuary 1900
101 Valley Inn Bridge, Hamilton, OntarioFebruary 1919
62Vanderbilt Improvement co.Railroad station at Despatch, NYNovember 1896
141Vary, H.J.House at West Avenue and Appleton St., Rochester, NY 
88Wadsworth, HerbertBuilding for 241-242 Main St. W., Rochester, NYMarch 1905
37Wadsworth, HerbertStable at Washington, D.C. 
18Wadsworth, Mrs. H.Grills 
37Wadsworth, James W.Terrace for house at Geneseo, NY 
95Wanzer, Charles H.House at 2145 East Avenue, Rochester, NYSeptember and October 1905
7Ward, Henry A.Specimen cabinet 
7Ward, Henry A.Tombstones 
156?Ward, Mrs. Lydia Avery CoonleyAlterations to "Hillside", Wyoming, NY 
140Warren, ArthurHouse in Pittsford, NYJuly 1911
156?Warren, L.H.Retail store, Wyoming, NYMay 1908
183Watson, GeorgeAlterations to house at Mix Place, Batavia, NYMarch 1917
141Watson, James SibleyBalustrade in garden 
92Watson, Robert C.House and stable at 252 Alexander St., Rochester, NYApril and July 1905, August 1906
49Webb, William W.House at 45 Westminster Road, Rochester, NY 
124Weston, Henry A.House at 39 Rugby Avenue, Rochester, NY 
74Whitbeck, Dr. John F.W.Office at 781 Park Avenue, Rochester, NYMay 1904
173Whitbeck, Dr. John F.W.House and office at 781 Park Avenue, Rochester, NYNovember 1914
38Whitney, Fred M.House on Audubon Street, Rochester, NY (Not built)July 1900
37Whitney, Fred M.House at 2 Audubon Street, Rochester, NYSeptember 1902
26Whitney, WarhamAdditions and alterations to house at 22 S. Goodman St., Rochester, NY 
122Whitney, WarhamBungalow at Rock Beach, Irondequoit, NY 
154Whitney, WarhamClock tower on barn 
173Wickes, Robert B.Alterations to house at Ontario, NYNovember 1914
30Wilder Arcade, 27 Main St., Rochester, NYAlterations to entranceAugust and September 1900
80Wilkin, Mrs. T.D.Apartment house at ____ West Avenue, Rochester, NYAugust 1904
64Willard, Ernest R.Addition and garden for house at 485 East Avenue, Rochester, NY1913
141Willard, Mrs. Ernest R.Laundry yard enclosure 
116Witherspoon, Dr. C.R.House at 20 Dartmouth St., Rochester, NYAugust and September 1908
141Witherspoon, Dr. C.R.Addition to house at 20 Dartmouth St., Rochester, NY 
173Witherspoon, Dr. C.R.CottageAugust 1914
64Wolcott, Charles J.Alterations to house 
133Wolcott, Charles J.Garage and stable at 246 Culver Road, Rochester, NYDecember 1910
148Wolcott, Mrs. James E.House at 250 Culver Road, Rochester, NYMarch 1912
156Woodward, Ernest L.Alterations to house in LeRoy, NYFebruary 1913
9Wray, Charles F.House at 109 West Avenue, Rochester, NYFebruary and March 1899
84Wray, Charles F.Additions and alterations to house at 109 West Avenue, Rochester, NYMarch 1904, May 1905, February 1909, and April 1911
31Yawman and Erbe Manufacturing Co., Rochester, NYBrick factory building at 340-350 St. Paul StreetMarch 1898
101 York Township Bridge, Ontario, CanadaMay 1917