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(Contractors)Arnold & Stern
Arnold & Stern, James B. ArnoldBagg & Newkirk
Bragdon Foster and GadeBragdon, Claude
Brunner-OlmsteadCharles Ivan Cromwell
Dryer & DryerDryer & Dryer, & H. B. Dryer
Edwin S. GordonEllwanger Barry Realty: Leander McCord
Ellwanger & BarryEllwanger & Barry (Wakes Place?)
Ellwanger & Barry Realty: Bohacket & BrewEllwanger & Barry, Arnold & Stern
Ellwanger & Barry, C. C. PeckEllwanger & Barry, C. Storrs Barrows
Ellwanger & Barry, Claude BragdonEllwanger & Barry, D. S. Baker
Ellwanger & Barry, Foote, Headley & CarpenterEllwanger & Barry, G. S. Montgomery
Ellwanger & Barry, Gordon & KaelberEllwanger & Barry, Gordon, Van Tine Co.
Ellwanger & Barry, J. C. McGeeEllwanger & Barry, J.C. McGee
Ellwanger & Barry, John P. GrimmEllwanger & Barry, John Wingender-H. Schulg
Ellwanger & Barry, Jos. H. OberliesEllwanger & Barry, Leander McCord
Ellwanger & Barry, Michael UrlacherEllwanger & Barry, W.J. Brockett
Ellwanger & Barry, Walker & BriggsEllwanger & Barry, Walker & Nichols
Ellwanger & Barry, Walker, Livingston & BrackettEllwanger & Barry, Warner & Brockett
Ellwanger & Barry: Veredon, William, UphamFay & Dryer
Fay & Dryer ?Fay & Dryer, O. W. Dryer
Fay FayGordon & Kaelber
Gordon & Kaelber, E. Crerul (French Architect)Gordon, Bragdon & Orchard
H. B. DryerH. O. Stewart (Contractor)
J. Foster WarnerJay Fay
Jay Fay ?JG & JW Cutler, Bragdon-adaptations, Gordon & Kaelber - Adaptation into J. Gleason House, June 1927
John W. VickeryJohnson, James H.
Kaelber & WaasdorpLeon Stern
Louis H. FriedmanMatthew A. Wylie
Mery Roth & SonsO. W. Dryer
O. W. Dryer, Fay & Dryer ?Otto Block
Perrin, Dryer & DryerPierce & Dockstader
R. K. Dryer IIRambusch
Roland A. YaegerSharp, W.F.
T. J. Morrison (Consult. Eng.)Tyler Company
UnknownWaasdorp, Northrup, Austin
Walker, Livingston, BrackettWard, Ward Wellington
William Clifford Jr.William J. Woerner & Sons
Wilmot Castle, Michael Polak (Brussels Architect)York & Sawyer