Frederick Douglass Project Letter #43: Transcription

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Intern: Will Fassett
Essay: The North Star, 1847-1849: Based on Evidence Found in the Paper's Ledger
Fall 2003
Faculty Advisor: Professor Michael Jarvis

Letters used: 43; 46; 85; 101
Transcriptions: 43; 46; 85; 101
North Star Distribution Map
North Star Ledger Transcription

Letter 43:

Page 1 -- Image   Transcription

Boston 28 Oct 1847

My Dear Amy

I have finally decided on publishing
the North Star in Rochester and to make
that city my future home.  I am now
buying type and all the little [etcs] of a
printing establishment[.]  I shall probably
be able to issue my first number as early
as the Middle of November, any delay
can only do the enterprise harm.  I have
therefore resolved to commence at
once[.]  As I shall see you soon, I
and having no time ^now^, must delay further
communication till I see you - My best
love to every member of your family.

Yours Sincerely,

F. Douglass