Ward, Henry Augustus

Date range: 1840-1933
Location: A.W23
Size: 4 file drawers, and 29 boxes

See also:

  • Charles H. Ward Papers: Charles was Henry's son who in the 1890's started his own business. The Charles Ward Anatomical Laboratories supplied osteological specimens. Charles was interested in comparative osteology.
  • Roswell H. Ward Papers: Roswell was Charles' son and Henry's grandson who donated the Henry A. Ward Papers to the University. He was the biographer of his grandfather.
  • Ward (Frank Hawley) Family Papers: Hawley, as he was known, was the son of Frank A. Ward (cousin to Henry A. Ward). Hawley was the Vice-President of Ward's Natural Science Establishment under his father , and later was Chairman of the Board during the early Dean L. Gamble years.
  • Henry L. Ward Papers:. Henry L. was Henry A.'s other son who was the director of the Milwaukee Public Museum and natural scientist in his own right.
  • Ward's Natural Science Establishment Papers (1876-1988): This collection continues the history of Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Rochester, New York, as started in the Henry Augustus Ward Papers.  The collection was donated by William C. Gamble, president of the firm between 1962 and 1980.  The Ward's Addition is a continuation of this original Ward's collection.    
  • Ward's Natural Science Establishment Papers, Addition: This collection continues the history of Ward's Natural Science Establishment as started in the Henry Augustus Ward Papers (call number A.W23) and continued in the Ward's Natural Science Establishment Papers (call number D.231). While the first collection of the Establishment (D.231) concentrates on the history of Ward's from the 1950s through the 1980s, covering mostly the financial and business aspects of the company, particularly from the time when William C. Gamble was president of Ward's (1962 through 1980), this newest addition to the collection, while smaller in volume, is much broader in scope. It encompasses the history of Ward's from its earliest beginnings with Henry A. Ward in 1862 through the sale of the company in 1998. It also includes many historical materials on the extended Henry A. Ward Family.
  • Ward’s Natural Science Establishment Catalog Collection database. This collection consists of approximately 200 catalogs published by Ward’s between 1863 and 1993. The catalogs describe the items that Ward’s had available for sale including skeletons, mounted birds and animals, geological specimens, fossils, meteorites, scientific equipment, and models.
  • University of Rochester Archives, Public Relations File on Ward's. No call number. This file is crucial to understanding the circumstances surrounding the 1928 donation of the Establishment to the University, and the shift in emphasis led by Dean Gamble.


Henry Augustus Ward, scientist, explorer, museum builder and founder of the Ward's Natural Science Establishment, was born in Rochester, New York in 1834. He studied at Middlebury Academy, Williams College, Temple Hill Academy and Paris School of Mines. In 1860 he returned to Rochester after many years of collecting geological specimens in Europe and Africa. From 1860 to 1865 he taught natural science at the University of Rochester, and began to supply colleges and universities with geological cabinets. This work was the beginning of the Science Establishment. Ward later became interested in meteorites and built up a large collection before his death in 1906.

The Henry Augustus Ward Papers contain indexed correspondence from many famous contemporary scientists, and letters from P. T. Barnum, for whom Ward did much work including the stuffing of Jumbo the elephant. There are also family letters, travel diaries, photographs, catalogs from the Science Establishment and material relating to Ward's meteorite collections.

The Papers were the gift of Roswell Ward, 1938.








Note: The correspondence in the collection has been filed in one chronology; about half of it has been indexed by name of letter writer in a card file in the Department. Correspondence in file drawers 1-5 now located in boxes 1-21.

File Drawer 1:  Correspondence, 1849-1875

File Drawer 2:  Correspondence, 1876-June 1881

File Drawer 3:  Correspondence, July 1881-1884

File Drawer 4:  Correspondence, 1885-June 1887

Box 22:

1. Family Letters: 1883-1884

2. Family Letters: 1885-1887

3. Family Letters: 1888-1891

4. Family Letters: 1892-1893

5. Family Letters: 1894-1899

6. Family Letters: 1900-1902

7. Family Letters: 1903-1904

8. Family Letters: 1905

9. Family Letters: 1906 (March-May)

10. Family Letters: 1906 (July-November)

11. Family Letters: 1907-1933 and Undated

12. Family Letters: Henry M.Ward Correspondence and Miscellaneous Financial Papers

13. Family Letters: Alice M.Ward Correspondence and Fianancial Papers

Box 23:


1. Correspondence 1907 (January-February)

2. Correspondence 1907 (March-December)

3. Correspondence 1909-1927

4. Correspondence Undated

5. Correspondence Undated

6. Letters Not Indexed: Fragments

7. Letters Not Indexed: Fragments

8. Typescripts of Letters from P.T. Barnum to Henry A.Ward

9. Family Letters: 1840-1849

10. Family Letters: 1850-1855

11. Family Letters: 1856-1859

12. Family Letters: 1860-1865

13. Family Letters: 1866-1870

14. Family Letters: 1871-1874

15. Family Letters: 1875-1879

16. Family Letters: 1880-1882

Flat File 1: Newspaper clippings and Scrapbook, 1933-1935

File Drawer 6:

  • Account books (4), 1849-1865
  • Account books (12), 1866-1890
  • Bankruptcy papers
  • Biography of Henry A. Ward - notes of Roswell Ward
  • Biographical material on Henry A. Ward (4 folders).  See separate list at end of register.
  • Brooks, Lewis: newspaper clippings and copy of "Man's Age in the World," an address by James C. Southall at the opening of the Lewis Brooks Museum at the University of Virginia, June 27, 1878.
  • Contracts and insurance policies
  • Diaries and journals (18 folders): 1850, 1851 (includes typewritten transcript), 1852-1859, 1871, 1877, 1878 (Hornaday account for Professor Ward), 1879-1880, 1884, 1889, 1896, 1898-1899, 1902-1903, 1906, and "Line a day" diary, 1854-1896.
  • Diplomas, certificates
  • Lecture notes
  • Letters of introduction
  • Midas Mine, correspondence: 1865-1867
  • Midas Mine, correspondence: 1868
  • Mining reports (Midas and Dorn)
  • Miscellaneous financial papers
  • Miscellaneous papers
  • Miscellaneous verse

File Drawer 7:



  • Newspaper articles (21 folders): 1854-1906, Jumbo, and miscellaneous
  • Newspaper articles: Obituaries, July 5-August 3, 1906
  • Obituaries: "Inquiry into death of Henry A. Ward" held at Police Court, Buffalo, N.Y., July 4, 1906.
  • Newspaper clippings and articles about Henry A. Ward and Ward's Natural Science Establishment after 1906 (2 folders)
  • Paris school notes, 1855-1857
  • Passports
  • Ward's Natural Science Establishment (16 folders):
    • Bulletins, 1881-1884 (incomplete series)
    • Bulletins, 1947-1955 (incomplete series)
    • Bulletins, proof cuts
    • Catalogs (7 folders):  See separate list at end of register.
      • Anatomical
      • Biology (general)
      • Biology (general)
      • Mineralogy and geology
      • Osteology
      • Paleontology
      • Taxidermy
    • Circulars, numbered series (incomplete)
    • Miscellaneous
    • Miscellaneous publications
    • Newsletters
    • Price lists, numbered series (incomplete)
  • Writings of Henry A. Ward (3 folders).  See separate list at end of register.


File Drawer 8:





  • Catalogs (11 folders):
    • Field Museum of Natural History, 1916
    • Foreign
    • Foreign
    • The Rochester Collection of Meteorites by Kenneth S. Howard
    • Special Meteorite collection of Professor Henry A. Ward
    • Ward-Coonley collection, 1900
    • Ward-Coonley collection, 1901
    • Ward-Coonley collection, 1904
    • Ward-Coonley collection, 1904 with corrections
    • Ward-Coonley collection, 1904 with value of collection and comparison with Field Museum collection
    • Ward's Natural Science Establishment collection, 1892, 1897, 1901, 1904, and undated
  • Description of meteorites (22 folders):
    • Preliminary
    • Preliminary
    • Ambapur - Arva
    • Babbs Mill - Bishunpur
    • Bitburg – Butler
    • Cabarras - Carrellas
    • Casas Grandes - Chupaderos
    • Cincinnati - Cynthiana
    • Dalton - Dundrum
    • Eagle Station - Estherville
    • Farmington - Futtehpur
    • Galapian - Gutersloh
    • Hainholz - Hopper
    • Iharaota - Juvenas
    • Kahowa - Kuyahunja
    • LaBecasse - Lixna
    • Llano del Inca - Lumpkin
    • McKinney - Murphy
    • Nanjemoy - Oscuro
    • Parnallee - Pultusk
    • Rakowka - Russell Gulch
    • Sarepta - Warrenton
  • List of meteorites (5 folders):
    • Printed
    • Aerolites, printed
    • Siderites, printed
    • Siderites, typewritten
    • Siderolites, printed
  • List of pamphlets found in Ward-Coonley Library (7 folders)
  • Magazine articles, pamphlets and reprints (13 folders)
  • Manuscripts: book on meteorites (7 folders)
  • Miscellaneous (16 folders, 1 envelope):
    • Bibliography of meteorite papers by Henry A. Ward
    • Chile meteorite
    • Cutting meteorites
    • Labels for meteorites
    • List of meteorites of S. C. H. Bailey
    • List of meteorites of Dr. Aristides Brezina
    • List of meteorites of James R. Gregory
    • List of meteorites of Kenneth S. Howard
    • List of meteorites of Stanislas Meunier
    • Maps
    • Meteorite Hall (contents)
    • Meteorite lists
    • Meteorite samples (envelope, moved to back of File Drawer 9)
    • Notes
    • Preliminary list of prices (2 folders)
    • Tokyo meteorites

File Drawer 9:





  • Newspaper clippings (9 envelopes, in back of file drawer)
  • Photographs of meteorites (30 folders).  See also Photographs, Boxes 5-7, below, for glass lantern slides and glass plate negatives of meteorite photographs, and Boxes 2-3 for photos of Ward's Natural Science Establishment specimens.
  • Ward-Coonley collection (8 folders):
    • Bills and receipts (3 folders)
    • Contracts of agreements between Henry A. Ward and the American Museum of Natural History regarding the deposit of the Ward-Coonley meteorite collection in the museum
    • Expenses (2 folders)
    • List of meteorites in the collection
    • Price data



Overview of photographs:

These photographs date from about the 1870s to around 1905. The collection includes photographs of the Ward family, Henry A. Ward's friends and business associates, and one folder of photos of Ward at various stages of his life. Also included are photos of mountings prepared by Ward's Natural Science Establishment and examples of the products the company sold. Several folders contain pictures from some of Henry A. Ward's many trips around the world. Finally, several boxes of photographs document the Ward-Coonley meteorite collection.

Some photographs have writing in ink on the back that appears to belong to Roswell Ward, Henry A. Ward's grandson. Roswell owned the Papers for some years and used them in preparing his biography of Henry A. Ward.

Box 1:






  1. (12 items): Large photographs of Henry A. Ward's teachers, friends, and business associates, n.d.
  2. (12 items): Small photographs similar to Folder 1.
  3. (14 items): As in Folder 2.
  4. (10 items): Family photographs.
  5. (10 items): Photos of Henry A. Ward, ca. 1860-ca. 1905. Includes Ward posing by meteorite on fluted column. (See also File Drawer 7, in back of drawer, for 4 copper plate photos of Henry A. Ward, n.d.).

Box 2:






  1. (8 items): Photos of Ward's Natural Science Establishment mountings of sponges, corals, osteological specimens, taxidermy, and casts of celebrated fossils.
  2. (15 items): Photos of locations where Henry A. Ward placed his cabinets. This folder also includes sketches of the museums themselves.
  3. (ca. 60 items): Ward's Natural Science Establishment products, especially those relating to osteology and human anatomy. Also a series of photos of racial comparisons of skulls and faces.
  4. (10 items): Photographs of Ward's Natural Science Establishment mountings. This folder includes Jumbo photographs.

 Box 3:






  1. (14 items): Mountings by Ward's and some plaster casts.
  2. (7 items): More mountings done by Ward's (including a giant squid).
  3. (16 items): Photos of Ward's and its staff.
  4. (10 items): Travel pictures, Algiers.
  5. (7 items): Same as Folder 4.

 Box 4:






  1. (11 items): Travel photos, mostly from trips to the tropics.
  2. (10 items): Same as Folder 1.
  3. (12 items): Same as Folder 1.

Box 5a:






  1. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  2. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  3. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  4. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  5. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  6. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  7. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  8. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  9. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  10. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  11. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  12. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.
  13. The Museum, Perth, Australia. Exhibitions, etc.

Box 5:





  • Meteorite Photographs: glass lantern slides.

Box 6:





  • Meteorite Photographs: glass plate negatives.

Box 7:





  • Meteorite Photographs: glass plate negatives.



Ward's Natural Science Establishment Catalogs:






  • Catalogue of anatomical models illustrating embryology and development, the nervous and circulatory systems and the complete anatomy of typical forms of animal life. n.d.
  • Catalogue of a collection of human and comparative odontology, exhibited in section VII, anatomy, pathology and surgery, W. C. Barrett; chairman. Prepared, mounted and exhibited by Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Rochester, N. Y. at the thirty-seventh annual session of the American Dental Association at Old Point Comfort, Va., August, 1897.
  • Catalogue of human skeletons and anatomical preparations for sale by Henry A. Ward, Natural Science Establishment. n.d.
  • Catalogue of human skeletons and anatomical preparations for sale by Ward's Natural Science Establishment. 1891.
  • Catalogue of human skeletons, and osteological preparations, anatomical models and busts. Students edition. n.d.
  • Catalogue of human skeletons, human and comparative anatomical models, botanical models, busts and masks. 6th ed. rev. and enl. 1893.
  • Catalogue of human skeletons, osteological preparations and anatomical models. Part six of catalogue of Union School and Academy collections. Academy edition. n.d.
  • Price list of anatomical preparations, of papier mach√© manufactured by Marcus Sommer, Sonneberg, Thuringia, Germany. n.d.
  • Ten human anatomical models every school should possess. n.d.

Biology (general):





  • Biological material. Catalog 458. n.d.
  • Biological supplies. Catalog 558. 1955.
  • Catalogue of glass models of invertebrate animals. 1888.
  • Catalogue of specimens of echinodermata, corals, gorgonias and sponges. n.d.
  • Catalogue of specimens of mollusca and brachiopoda. n.d.
  • Dissections of typical animals and life histories in glass jars. n.d.
  • Models. Mueller-Ward models for zoology, embryology, parasitology, Ward models for biology, American museum evolutionary models, Shick anatomical charts. n.d.
  • Mueller-Ward models. n.d.
  • Mueller-Ward models of frog embryology. 1945.
  • Systematic biology collection. A selected series of specimens and models illustrating Hunter's "Elements of biology." n.d.
  • Ward's catalog of the life and earth sciences. Catalog 560. 1956.
  • Ward's natural science catalog no. 598. 1959.
  • Zoological, anatomical and botanical wall-charts. n.d.

Mineralogy and geology:





  • Catalogue of minerals, in systematic collections, or as single specimens. Third edition. 1892.
  • Catalogue of rocks and geological specimens, systematic collections of rocks and rock-making minerals, relief maps, geological models, charts, pictures, tools and instruments. Third edition. n.d.
  • Genetic collection of rocks and collection of rock forming minerals. 1902.
  • Minerals, mineral specimens, pound material, rocks, soils. Catalog no. 474. 1947.
  • Notice of the Ward cabinets of mineralogy and geology, lately presented in the University of Rochester. 1863.
  • Union school and academy collections of minerals, rocks, fossils, invertebrate and vertebrate zoology. n.d.
  • Ward's collection of minerals, rocks and fossils. Catalog no. 473. 1947.
  • Ward's geological materials. Catalog no. 563. 1956.
  • Ward's mineral specimens and selected geological collections. Catalog no. FM7. 1954.
  • Ward's mineral specimens with geological collections, meteorites, minerals for cutting and polishing, equipment. Catalog no. FM8. 1955.






  • Catalogue of cabinet of comparative osteology, held by Henry A. Ward. 1873.
  • Catalogue of specimens of comparative osteology, for sale by Henry A. Ward. 1875, 1879, 1880 and n.d.
  • Illustrated descriptive Catalogue of school series of skeletons, by Henry A. Ward. 1881.






  • Catalogue and price list of casts of dinocerata and hesperornis, from originals in Yale University Museum, with descriptions and illustrations. 1891.
  • Catalogue of the college collection of paleontology, with short descriptions and illustrations, by Ward & Howell. 1889.
  • Palaeontological charts and ideal geological landscapes. n.d.






  • Catalogue of mammals, birds, reptiles, batrachians, and fishes, in skins and mounted specimens. n.d.
  • Catalogue of North American birds skins and mounted specimens. n.d.
  • Catalogue of North American birds' eggs. n.d.
  • Catalogue of North American and foreign birds' eggs. n.d.
  • List of present desiderata in bird skins. 1882.
  • List of present desiderata in bird skins. 1884.
  • A list of quadrumana, (apes, baboons, monkeys and lemurs). 1882.
  • Mammals of Central America including Mexico and the West Indies. n.d.
  • Mammals of North American region. n.d.
  • Revised list of North American mammals wanted in perfect skins, with skull and leg bones, by Ward's Natural Science Establishment. 1885.
  • Ward's museum of zoology and comparative anatomy. American animals, (skins and skeletons), for sale by Henry A. Ward. 1876.



(File Drawer 6)

Ainsworth, S.H. A sketch of the discovery of phrenology, together with an illustration of its principles, and phrenological chart of the head. 2nd ed. Rochester, N.Y., 1844. Includes analysis of Henry A. Ward.

Fairchild, Herman LeRoy. Reminiscence and appraisement of Henry Augustus Ward. Rochester Alumni Review, 6:71-73. February-March, 1928.

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SEE ALSO: Ward, Roswell. Henry A. Ward: Museum Builder to America. The Rochester Historical Society Publications (XXIV). Rochester, N.Y., 1948.

(File Drawer 7)
Itemized list:
Aeronautics in Paris. Graphic account of a balloon ascension. "From Moore's Rural New-Yorker of Jan. 22d, 1859." Edited by Charles Dewey.

Bacubirito, the great newly discovered Mexican meteorite, perhaps the largest meteorite on our planet reported by Prof. Henry A. Ward. The Mineral Collector, 9:111-116. October 1902.

Catalogue of cabinets of Aaron Erickson, Esq. Rochester, N.Y., 1866.
Catalogue of cabinets of Jonathan Watson, Esq., Titusville, Pa. Rochester, N.Y., 1870.

Eighty natural science cabinets. Rochester, N.Y., 1890.

Meteorites! Wanted to purchase them. [Chicago, 190-].

Notice of the Megatherium Cuvieri, the giant fossil ground-sloth of South America, presented to the University of Rochester by Hiram Sibley, Esq. Rochester, N.Y., 1864.

The Taj-Mahal. The New Unity, 3:271-272. June 18, 1896.

Value of meteorites: relative and individual. The Mineral Collector, 11:97-115. September, 1904.

Ward series of casts of fossils, from the principal museums of Europe and America. Rochester, N.Y., 1870.

Willamette meteorite. Proceedings of the Rochester Academy of Science, 4:137-148. March 24, 1904.