Anthony (Susan B.) Memorial, Inc. (Addition)

Date range:
Location: D.144
Size: 11 boxes, 4 volumes


Box 1: Letters and Manuscript material


  1. Letters by Susan B. Anthony
  2. Letters to Susan B. Anthony
  3. Susan B. Anthony's will
  4. Susan B. Anthony memorabilia
  5. Mary S. Anthony letters
  6. Anthony Family letters, documents, etc.
  7. Clara Barton letter
  8. Carrie Chapman Catt--letters, etc.
  9. Anna Eliza (Anthony) Dickinson--sentiment album
  10. H.B. Dow--Speech: "Susan B. Anthony The Woman"
  11. Mary Thorn Lewis Gannett--Speech: "Susan and Mary Anthony as Members of This Church"
  12. Genevieve Lel Hawley--article on Ida Husted Harper
  13. Genevieve Lel Hawley--short story
  14. Genevieve Lel Hawley--suffrage speech
  15. Anna Dann Mason--postcards from Mary Anthony and Ida Husted Harper
  16. National American Woman Suffrage Association--minutes and other records
  17. Annie G. Porritt--article on Emmeline Pankhurst
  18. Lucy Stone postcard
  19. Frances Willard letter
  20. Victory, How Women Won It (typescript)
  21. Miscellaneous correspondence
  22. Miscellaneous notes for Susan B. Anthony biography and History of Woman Suffrage
  23. Miscellaneous speeches by unknown author
  24. Miscellaneous
Box 1a: Material related to Susan B. Anthony descendant, Daniel Anthony

The items in this box were made a gift by Daniel Anthony, November 29, 1979.
  • Correspondence
  • Printed Materials
Box 2: Printed material


1. Susan B. Anthony--printed material by
  • Reprinted letter from SBA to Joshua Read, Livingston Sprakes, and George G. Johnson. Apr. 27, 1846. 1p. ALS.
  • Reprinted letter from SBA to _____. Dec. 25, 1899. 1p. TL.
  • Card from SBA with then and now photos on front. Feb. 15, 1900. 3 copies, with envelope.
2. Susan B. Anthony--printed material about
  • Card clipping from Rochester Chronicle on SBA's 50th Birthday. Feb. 15, 1870. 4p., with envelope from SBA.
  • Newspaper article from Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Apr. 23, 1874. 1p. 3 copies.
  • Certificate of membership to the Kansas State Historical Society for SBA. Jan. 20, 1885.
  • Reprinted letter from SBA and Rachel Foster Avery to the Chairman and Delegates of the National Democratic Convention Assembled in Chicago on June 21, 1892. Jun. 18, 1892. 2p. TL
  • Notice for The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony. Table of Contents. 1898. 8p.
  • Penny Magazine. Vol. 1, No. 6, Jun. [18]99. 16p.
  • Program of SBA's 80th Birthday Celebration. Feb. 15, 1900. 4p.
  • Greetings from Harriot Stanton Blatch at SBA Birthday Celebration. Feb. 15, 1900. 1p. 2 copies.
  • "Love's Rosary." Poem by Lydia Avery Coonley Ward. Feb. 15, 1900. 4p., with envelope.
  • "Copy of Address, with Signatures, Presented to Miss Susan B. Anthony," From Friends of Political Enfranchisement of Women in Great Britain and Ireland. Feb. 15, 1900. 3p.
  • Program and menu of Annual Festival of the New England and Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Associations. May 29, 1900. 4p.
  • The Susan B. Anthony Home Calendar for 1902. Signed and given to Andy _____ from SBA. Jan. 5, 1902. 12p.
  • Program of SBA's 85th Birthday Celebration. Feb. 15, 1905. 4p.
  • Program of SBA's 86th Birthday Celebration. Feb. 15, 1906. 3p.
  • Program of Home Service in Memoriam of SBA and Emogene L. Dewey. Mar. 18, 1906. 4p. 2 copies.
  • Appreciation card from Mary S. Anthony. Mar. 19, 1906. 1p.
  • Program of Meeting of Appreciation of the Life and Work of SBA. Mar. 25, 1906. 1p.
  • Program of Geneva Political Equality Club in Remembrance of Miss Anthony. Mar. 26, 1906. 4p., with newspaper clipping, Mar. 27, 1906.
  • Program of Memorial Service by Rochester Political Equality Club for SBA and Mary S. Anthony. Feb. 26, 1907. 3p.
  • Invitation to the Memorial Ceremony in the Crypt of the U.S. Capitol Honoring SBA's 119th Birthday Anniversary. Feb. 15, 1939. 1p.
  • The Thrift Advocate. May 1945. 4p. 2 copies.
  • Description of The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony, by Ida Husted Harper. 2p., with newspaper article.
  • "Susan B. Anthony as a Speaker." Poem by Margherita Arlina Hamm. 1p.
3. Susan B. Anthony II--article
  • "We Women Throw Our Votes Away." Article by Susan B. Anthony II from The Saturday Evening Post. Jul. 17, 1948. 3p.
4. Carrie Chapman Catt
  • Poem to C.C. Catt from Maud Wood Park. January 9, 1934-1859. 1p.
  • Pamphlet of the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund. 12p., with contribution card.
  • Pamphlet of the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund, prepared by Mildred Adams. 12p.
5. Emmeline Pankhurst
  • Postcard to Miss M.A. Mackay from _____. Aug. 4, 1908.
  • "Mrs. Pankhurst...Coming Here." Announcement for Pankhurst lecture. Oct. 27-29, ____. 4p. 2 copies.
6. M. Carey Thomas
  • The Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin. Vol. II, No. 6, Jun. 1922. 32p.
  • Program of Subscription Dinner in honour of President Thomas, Bryn Mawr College. Jun. 8, 1922. 2p.
  • Collected Writings In Honour of M. Carey Thomas On Her Retirement. Jun. 8, 1922. 24p.
  • Christmas card from M. Carey Thomas.
  • Christmas cards from M. Carey Thomas, with photographs of Bryn Mawr. 4 cards.
7. British Suffrage Publications
  • "From England to America." Poem by L. Ormiston Chant, inside card from The Edinburgh National Society for Women's Suffrage. Mar. 1888. 2p.
  • A Women's Suffrage Calendar, 1889. Edited by Helen Blackburn. Nov. 1, 1888. 66p.
  • "The Advanced Woman in Recent Fiction." Address by Ernest Scott. May, 1895. 24p.
  • "Womanhood in the East." Address by Anne W. Richardson. Jan. 1912. 11p.
8. Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association
  • Program of The Equal Rights Club of Hartford, Connecticut. 1909-1910. 4p.
  • Campaign of Winter and Spring of 1913. Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association. [Jan. 13-May 25,] 1913. 35p.
  • Program of 44th Annual Convention of the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association. Oct. 21-22, 1913. 8p.
  • "Important Hearing." Announcement for Joint Judiciary hearing. Mar. 31, ____. 1p. 2 copies.
9. National American Woman Suffrage Association--programs and printed material
  • National Woman Suffrage Association letterhead paper. 187_. 1p.
  • Constitution of the National Woman Suffrage Association. Letterhead on back. 187_. 2p.
  • Announcement of the National Woman Suffrage Convention. Jan. 15-16, 1874. 1p.
  • Constitution of the National Woman Suffrage Association. Notice from the National Woman Suffrage Parlors on back. Jun. 1, 1876. 2p.
  • Declaration of Rights of the Women of the United States by the National Woman Suffrage Association. Jul. 4, 1876. 4p.
  • Announcement of the 16th Annual Washington Convention of the National Woman Suffrage Association. Mar. 4-6, 1884. 2p.
  • Announcement of the 30th Annual Convention and 50th Anniversary Celebration of the NAWSA. Feb. 14-19, 1898. 2p.
  • Program of the 30th Annual Convention of the NAWSA. Feb. 13, [1898]. 3p. 2 copies.
  • Announcement of the 31st Annual Convention of the NAWSA. Apr. 27- May 4, 1899. 2p. 2 copies.
  • Program of the 31st Annual Convention of the NAWSA. Apr. 27-May 3, 1899. 11p. 2 copies.
  • Announcement of the 32nd Annual Convention of the NAWSA. Feb. 8- 14, 1900. 2p. 6 copies.
  • Program of the 32nd Annual Convention of the NAWSA. Feb. 8-14, 1900. 10p., with envelope.
  • NAWSA certificate of membership. Signed by SBA and Harriet Taylor Upton (and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, crossed off). Feb. 15, 1900.
  • Program of the 1st International Woman-Suffrage Conference and the 34th Annual Convention of the NAWSA. Feb. 12-18, 1902. 18p.
  • Program of the 38th Annual Convention of the NAWSA. Feb. 7-13, 1906. 2p. 2 copies.
  • Program of The College Evening of the 38th Annual Convention of the NAWSA. Feb. 8, 1906. 31p.
  • Program of the 39th Annual Convention of the NAWSA. Feb. 14-19, 1907. 4p. 5 copies.
  • Program of the Jubilee Convention (1869-1919) of the NAWSA. Mar. 24- 29, 1919. 16p.
  • Program of the Victory Convention (1869-1920) of the NAWSA and Congress League of Women Voters. Feb. 12-18, 1920. 70p.
  • Condensed Minutes of the Victory Convention (1869-1920), NAWSA and First Congress League of Woman Voters. Feb. 12-18, 1920. 31p.
  • Handbook of the NAWSA and Proceedings of the Convention. Apr. 13, 1921. 36p. 2 copies.
  • Description and Table of Contents for Victory, How Women Won It: A Centennial Symposium, 1840-1940. 4p.
10. Political Equality Club
  • The Political Equality Club Season of 1910-1911 Programme for December and January. 1p.
  • Postcard of the Political Equality Club Programme for April and May, 1911.
  • The Political Equality Club Year Book, 1913-1914. 13p.
  • Play by Cicely Hamilton and Christopher St. John. Jan. 31, ____. 1p.
  • Political Equality Club Announcement. May 2 and 4, ____. 1p.
  • Invitation to a lecture by Rev. Anna Howard Shaw in commemoration of SBA's birthday. Feb. 15, ____. 1p. Votes for Women registration blank. 1p.
11. Woman's Centennial Congress
  • Program of the Woman's Centennial Congress. Nov. 25-27, 1940. 4p.
  • Notebook containing the Minutes of the Woman's Centennial Congress, and other miscellaneous notes and letters. 1939-1942.
12. World's Congress of Representative Women, 1893--programs
  • Program of the World's Congress Auxiliary of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. May 15-21, 1893. 30p.
  • Program of the World's Congress Auxiliary of the World's Columbian Exposition, Department Congress of the NAWSA. May 18, 1893. 6p. 2 copies.
  • Program of the World's Congress Auxiliary of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. Aug. 7-12, 1893. 6 p.
Box 3: Printed material- continued

1. Suffrage--pamphlets and printed literature, 1867-1909
  • "Equal Rights for All." Speech by George William Curtis in the New York State Constitutional Convention. 1867. 24p.
  • "Woman's Wages." Thesis by Catharine G. Waugh. Nov. 1888. Signed by Genevieve Lel Hawley, Jan. 1889. 54p.
  • "Freedom's Conquests; The Great Spread of Woman Suffrage Through the World." Essay by Hamilton Willcox. Dec. 1888. 7p.
  • "The Position of Women Among the Early Christians." Essay by J. Donaldson from The Contemporary Review. Sep. 1889. 19p.
  • "Anna Royal, The First American Woman Editor." Essay by Margaret Sullivan Burke from The Business Woman's Journal. Vol. 7, No. 6, Mar. 1894. 4p.
  • "Shall Women Be Granted Full Suffrage?" Continuing article from The Illustrated American, 3 issues: Jun. 16, 1894; Jun. 30, 1894; Jul. 7, 1894. 3p. each, respectively.
  • "Memorial. To the National Presidential Convention of 1900." Appeal from the members of the NAWSA. [1900] 2p. 5 copies. Woman's Century Calendar. Edited by Carrie Chapman Catt. 1900. 81p.
  • "Objections to Woman Suffrage Answered by College Women." Essays from the Political Science Study Series. Vol. 8, No. 3, Dec. 1900. 16p. Program of the National Suffrage Bazar. Dec. 3-8, 1900. 12p. 3 copies.
  • Photographic keepsake cards commemorating 1903 birthdays of SBA (Feb. 15) and Anna Howard Shaw (Feb. 14). Quotations from each woman on back of last card.
  • "Woman and Child Wage-Earners in Great Britain." Essay from the Bureau of Labor. May 10, 1909. 1p.
2. Suffrage--pamphlets and printed literature, 1913-1946 and undated
  • Program of the 7th International Woman Suffrage Congress in Budapest. Jun. 15-20, 1913. 103p.
  • "Suffrage Argument." Outline for speech or debate by Justina Leavitt Wilson from the Efficiency Booklet Series. Jan. 1917. 20p.
  • Suffrage map and calendar. 1919.
  • "The Winning of the Vote." Essay by Ida Husted Harper, reprinted from The Woman Citizen. Aug. 1925. 18p.
  • "An Economic Challenge to American Women." Report by Florence Hemley Schneider, prepared by the Economic Commission of the Women's Centennial Congress. Nov. 25-27, 1940. 26p.
  • "Women Take Stock of Themselves." Pamphlet of essays by five women, prepared for the Women's Centennial Congress. Nov. 25-27, 1940. 28p.
  • "25 Years of a Great Idea." A history of The National League of Women Voters by Kathryn H. Stone. Feb. 1946. 34p.
  • "Centuries of Dishonor." Essay by Mary A. Livermore from The Arena. n.d. 11p.
  • Essay by Wm. Loughridge and Benj. F. Butler. n.d. 3p., with article from Woman's Journal, Dec. 22, ____: "Congress Has No Jurisdiction."
  • "The Demand for Enfranchisement." Essay by Elizabeth Burrill Curtis. n.d. 3p.
  • "A Few Leading Questions." Questions and answers issued by N.Y.S. Constitutional Convention Campaign Committee. n.d. 4p., unfolded. 2 copies.
  • "In Memory of Anna Howard Shaw." Memorial prepared by the NAWSA. n.d. 26p.
  • "Men and Women of Kansas!" Collection of quotations from speeches, essays, etc. n.d. 4p.
  • "Objections Answered." Essay by Alice Stone Blackwell. n.d. 34p.
  • "Perhaps." Booklet of reflections by Carrie Chapman Catt. n.d. 13p.
  • "Woman and the Law." Essay by Francis M. Scott. n.d. 7p.
3. Suffrage broadsides and postcards
  • SBA Homestead. Blank.
  • "Men, who love the Freedom..." Blank.
  • "Swat the Lie--..." Blank.
  • "Votes for Women." With quotation by SBA. Blank.
  • "Votes for Women." With quotation by Ida C. Campbell. From Ida [Campbell?] to Louise Tamblingson. Sep. 14, 1914.
  • "Votes for Women." With quotation by Ida C. Campbell. From Ida [Campbell?] to Louise Tamblingson. Sep. 24, 1914.
  • "Votes for Women." With quotation by Clifford Howard. From Ida [Campbell?] to Louise Tamblingson. Nov. 20, 1914.
  • "About Voting." NAWSA.
  • "Anti-Suffrage Congratulation." New York State Woman Suffrage Party.
  • "Catholic Opinions." NAWSA.
  • "The Little Suffrage Theatre presents..." Votes for Women.
  • "Prohibition in Arizona." Mrs. H.S. Searle.
  • "To California Suffragists." The College Equal Suffrage League of California.
  • "Votes for Women." NAWSA.
  • Votes for Women petition blank.
  • "Why Women Want to Vote." NAWSA.
  • "The Woman's Reason." NAWSA.
  • "Women Do Not Want to Vote." Anna Cadogan Etz, Up State Woman Suffrage Press Bureau.
  • "Women in the Home." NAWSA.
  • "Your Vote." New York State Woman Suffrage Party. Sep. 1917.
4. Congressional reports and speeches on suffrage
  • "Universal Suffrage." Speech of Hon. Thomas W. Palmer. Feb. 6, 1885. 8p.
  • Hearing Before the Committee on Woman Suffrage. Feb. 21, 1894. 31p.
  • Envelope that contained Public Document from U.S. Senate on the Hearing Before the Committee on Woman Suffrage. Feb. 24, 1894.
  • Envelope addressed to SBA containing Report of Hearing Before the Committee on Woman Suffrage. Feb. 15, 1898. Envelope addressed Apr. 9, 19__.
  • House of Representatives Hearing on House Joint Resolution 68. Feb. 15, 1898. 20p.
  • Report of Hearing Before [Senate] Committee on Woman Suffrage. Feb. 15, 1898. 24p.
  • Hearing Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Woman Suffrage. Feb. 13, 1900. 45p.
  • Article on Woman Suffrage. Introduced in U.S. Senate by Hon. James E. Martine. Feb. 25, 1915. 14p.
  • Woman Suffrage Report, submitted by C.S. Thomas from the Committee on Woman Suffrage. Calendar No. 27. Jan. 8, 1916. 5p.
  • "Equal Suffrage." Speech of Hon. John F. Shafroth. Apr. 25, 1916. 16p.
  • Congressional Reports in Favor of an Amendment to the National Constitution. Submitted by the board of the NAWSA. n.d. 12p. 3 copies.
5. Suffrage periodicals
  • National Suffrage Bulletin. Vol. 2, No. 3. Nov. 1896. 6p.
  • National Suffrage Bulletin. Vol. 5, No. 8. Apr. 1900. 4p.
  • National Suffrage Bulletin. Vol. 6, No. 2. Oct. 1900. 6p.
  • The Revolution. Vol. 1, No. 4. Jul. 8, 1869. 16p.
  • The Woman Citizen. Jan. 19, 1918. 18p.
  • The Woman's Column. Vol. 15, No. 3. Feb. 8, 1902. 4p.
  • The Woman's Tribune. Vol. 16, No. 17. Sep. 9, 1899. 4p.
6. 1948 Commemoration of Seneca Falls Convention
  • "Declaration of the Women of 1948 to the Women of 2048." 34 charter signers. 1p.
7. Rochester 10th Ward Registration List, 1914
  • "General List of all persons registered...on Registration Days...1914. Tenth Ward, City of Rochester." Oct. 9-10, 16-17, 1914. 60p., out of order. Handwritten pages added at end.
8. Suffrage School
Suffrage Correspondence School Lessons, 1916:
  • Lesson VI: "How the vote was won in the United States. The Federal Amendment--The Senate Amendment." 4p.
  • Lesson VII: "Why the ballot needs the women. Why women in the home need the ballot." 4p.
  • Lesson VIII: "Why women who work outside of the home want the vote." 4p.
  • Examination Questions. No. II. 1p.
  • Lesson IX: "What women have done with the ballot." 4p.
  • Lesson X: "Objections to woman suffrage answered." 4p.
  • Lesson XI: "The real enemies of woman suffrage." 4p.
  • Supplementary Lesson: "How to work for woman suffrage." 4p.
  • Suffrage School information booklet. Jan. 8-20, 1917. 4p.
9. Suffragists' Calendar: A Year-Book for Every Thinking Woman. n.d. 61p.
10. Woman's Rights Almanac, 1858, 36p.
11. Anti-suffrage literature
  • "American Women and the Ballot." Essay issued by the Illinois Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women. Feb. 1909. 7p.
  • "An Appeal to Men." Broadside issued by the Pittsburgh Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. n.d. 4 copies. Other side: "Women as Jurors." Editorial from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Jul. 25, 1915.
  • "Article on Woman Suffrage." Article by James Francis Sullivan from the Pennsylvania Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. Sep. 13, ____. 2p.
  • "Mr. Gladstone on Woman Suffrage." Extract from W.E. Gladstone's letter to Samuel Smith. n.d. 1p.
  • "Municipal Suffrage for Women--Why?" Essay by Frank Foxcroft. n.d. 2p.
  • The New York State Association Opposed to the Extension of the Suffrage to Women; 6th Annual Report. Prepared by Mrs. Francis M. Scott. Dec. 1901. 14p.
  • "One Woman's Experience of Emancipation." Essay by Caroline F. Corbin. n.d. 4p.
  • "The Real Case of the 'Remonstrants' Against Woman Suffrage." Essay by O.B. Frothingham from The Arena. n.d. 7p.
  • "Reasons Against Woman Suffrage." Essay by Mrs. G.H. Shaw. n.d. 2p.
  • "The Relation of the Sexes to Government." Essay by Prof. Edward D. Cope from The Popular Science Monthly. Oct. 1888. 10p.
  • The Remonstrance. Annual newsletter published by the Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women. 1902. 4p.
  • The Remonstrance. Apr. 1915. 12p., with letter to the editor from Mrs. Charles P. Strong of the Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women, with envelope addressed to Political Editor.
  • "Socialism vs. Legal Marriage." Essay issued by the Illinois Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. Sep. 1910. 4p.
  • "A Talk on the Tax Paying Woman." Essay by The Antis, issued by the Pennsylvania Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. n.d. 4p.
  • "To the Voters of the Middle West." Essay issued by the Illinois Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women. Sep. 1909. 4p.
  • "Why I Oppose Woman Suffrage." Address by Mrs. Horace Brock before the Civic Club of Philadelphia. Apr. 27, 1915. 11p. 3 copies.
  • "Why the Home Makers Do Not Want to Vote." Essay issued by the Illinois Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women. n.d. 4p.
  • "Woman Suffrage: An Argument Against it." Essay by Robert S. Taylor. n.d. 18p.
  • "Woman Suffrage and the Liquor Question." Essay issued by the Women's Anti-Suffrage Association. Jul. 1, 1915. 4p.
  • "Woman's Rights in America: A Retrospect of Sixty Years, 1848-1908." Essay by Mrs. Caroline F. Corbin. n.d. 8p.
12. The Cook's Own Book: A Manual of Cookery, for the Kitchen and the Cottage, by Georgiana Hill. [Mar. 1860] 67p.
12. Moral Purity Pamphlets
  • "America's Shame." Collected essays from The Arena. n.d. 32p.
  • "Mrs. Josephine E. Butler: Sketch and Interview." Reprinted essay from the London Christian Commonwealth. n.d. 16p.
  • The Queen's Daughters in India, by Elizabeth W. Andrew and Katharine C. Bushnell. Jul. 1897. 119p.
  • "Some Legal Aspects of the Question." Essay by Martha K. Pearce from the Social Purity Series. No. 12. n.d. 12p.
13. New England Offering (November, 1848)
Scope and contents: The New England Offering. Edited by Harriet Farley. New Series, No. 8, Nov. 1848. 26p, enclosed with "These Girls From Lowell." Book Review by Ruth Chapin in Monitor. Jan. 5, 1950. 1p.
15. Additional Printed material
  • Postcard with Eaton-Hurlbut seal. Blank.
  • Program of the Equal Suffrage Campaign Committee. 1894. 4p.
  • "I Shall Not Pass Again This Way." Music composition by John W. Hutchinson. 1899. 3p.
  • "Declaration of Human Rights." Speech by O. Frederick Nolde from Changing World. Vol. 21, No. 2, March 1949. 2p.
Box 4: Newspaper Clippings (also see Oversize Box 9 and 10, and Volume 4)


  1. Susan B. Anthony--anecdotes and memories
  2. Susan B. Anthony--collected by Mrs. Clara E. Dolbeer
  3. Susan B. Anthony's death
  4. Susan B. Anthony's death--collected by Miss Marion and Miss Florence Mosher
  5. Ella Hawley Crossett and Carolyn Crossett Holcomb
  6. Genevieve Lel Hawley (article by)
  7. Adelaide Johnson and Susan B. Anthony
  8. Adelaide Johnson--sculptress
  9. National American Woman Suffrage Association Disbanding
  10. Anna Howard Shaw
  11. Lucy Stone and Alice Stone Blackwell
  12. Suffrage cartoons
  13. Woman Suffrage Progress
  14. Women and men involved in struggles for equal rights
  15. Women in Government
Box 5: Photographs (also see Oversize Box 6 and 7, and Volume 3)


  1. Susan B. Anthony photographs (10)
  2. Susan B. Anthony drawings, reproductions, etc. (12)
  3. Susan B. Anthony and Stanton (2)
  4. Susan B. Anthony and others (6)
  5. Anthony Family Pictures (10) (see also Volume 3)
  6. Anthony Reunion, 1897--album (6)
  7. Harriot Stanton Blatch (1)
  8. Abigail Bush (2)
  9. Carrie Chapman Catt (7)
  10. Mary Baker Eddy (1)
  11. Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1)
  12. Ida Husted Harper (1)
  13. Harriet Hosmer (2)
  14. Julia Ward Howe (1)
  15. Lucretia Mott (1)
  16. Emmeline Pankhurst (4)
  17. Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence (3)
  18. Anna Howard Shaw (12)
  19. Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1)
  20. Mrs. Halsey Wilson (Justina Leavitt Wilson ?) (4)
  21. Others--photographs (11)
  22. Woman Suffrage photos and negatives (5 photos, 4 negatives)
  23. Engravings for History of Woman Suffrage (61)
Oversize Boxes:

Box 6: Photographs--continued

Susan B. Anthony
Groups with Susan B. Anthony
Adams, Massachusetts Anthony Homestead

Box 7: Photographs--continued

Susan B. Anthony in California, 1896
International Suffrage Alliance, Copenhagen, 1906

Box 8: Printed material--continued

Issues of The Ladies World, 1894-1904
Issues of The Woman's Journal, 1896-1897

Box 9: Printed material--continued

Issues of The Bricklayer and Mason, February, 1900
Issues of Equal Rights, 1947-1949
Issues of Saturday Night, 1886-1894
Miscellaneous journal issues and newspaper clippings

Box 10: Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings (3)

Box 11: Ephemera

Banners ("Votes for Women")
Suffrage pennant
Yellow Suffrage Ribbon
Suffrage buttons
Suffrage badges
Suffrage ink stamp
Metal sign in shape of bird ("Votes for Women")
National American Woman Suffrage Association membership certificates

Volume 1: Genealogical records for Adams, Massachusetts

  • Notes from the records of the monthly meeting of Friends of the North Adams Visiting Nurse Aid Association, North Adams, Massachusetts, September 1914, regarding events that took place 1778-1799, mostly regarding marriages, membership, and Association activities.
  • A poem written by Hannah Comstock to the women Friends of the East Hoosuck Monthly Meeting, no date
  • A typescript transcription of the accounts of the births and deaths of the inhabitants of Adams and the surrounding area, 1713-1869
  • Two typescript copies of New England Tragedies play script

Volume 2: Publisher's dummy for The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony

Volume 3: Photograph album of Anthony Family members

Volume 4: Suffrage newspaper clippings

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