Fellows (Henry) Horticultural Correspondence

Date range: 1855-1917
Location: D.443
Size: 1 box

Henry Fellows was a wholesale and retail nurseryman from Penfield, New York, east of Rochester in Monroe County. Fellows specialized in cultivating many varieties of fruit trees and shrubs. He sold his stock and seedlings to farmers and other nurserymen across the United States and occasionally in Canada, most often in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Several of Fellows's correspondents acted as his agents in distant territories, their letters containing estimates of the states of farming, land speculation, and economy in different areas throughout the 1850s, culminating in the disastrous Panic of 1857 that befell many of the agricultural regions Fellows supplied.

The letters of the Fellows Horticultural Correspondence (purchased in May 2008) also document the wide range of orders Fellows received and filled, the prices he charged, methods of payment, shipping arrangements, remarks of quality (positive and negative), and a wide range of other horticultural and agricultural topics. Most are dated 1855-1859.


Box 1

  1. Correspondence from various American states and Canada (1856-61) - Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nova Scotia
  2. Correspondence of S.W. Bristol, Belvidere, Il (1855-60)
  3. Correspondence of E. Drake, Cobourg, Ontario (1858-60)
  4. Correspondence of agent L.A. Dunham, Richmond, KY (1858)
  5. Correspondence of agent D.P. Fuller, White Lake, MI (1854-55)
  6. Correspondence of A.A. Huntington, Columbus, WI (1855-56)
  7. Correspondence of John P. Parson and partner H. Wilbers, nurserymen (1856-60)
  8. Correspondence of agent T.H. Skidmore (1859)
  9. Correspondence - miscellaneous (1858-59)
  10. Legal documents and lists (1858-1917)
  11. New York State (1858-60)
  12. Oregon Territory (1855-56)

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