Hubbell, Walter Sage

Date range: 1844-1932
Location: A.H87
Size: 1 box, 4 scrapbooks

Walter Sage Hubbell (born Cincinnati, Ohio, December 24, 1850; died Rochester, New York, January 1, 1932) graduated from the University of Rochester, Class of 1871. He was a lawyer in Rochester, a trustee of the University from 1895 until his death, an officer in the Eastman Kodak Company and active in local church work.

The papers consist of four large scrapbooks containing original letters (including some from his friend George Eastman), photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, etc. relating to Hubbell and his life, family and career. Also with the papers are eighteen letters and telegrams not with the scrapbooks from such people as Theodore Roosevelt (10 items), William C. Bryant (1 item), Booker T. Washington (1 item) and Susan B. Anthony (1 item). These eighteen letters aer indexed in the Department's card catalog index to individual manuscripts.

Gift of Mr. Hubbell's daughter, Anna Hubbell (the eighteen letters), 1949, and deposit of his daughter, Margaret Hubbell Wells (the four scrapbooks), 1959.

Contents of Box 1 are reproductions of originals, gift of Tony Wells, received October, 2009.

Box 1

1. Biographical information on Walter Sage Hubbell from University of Rochester
1a. Materials and Correspondence from Chas Hubbell
2. Correspondence - 1885-1932
2a. Hubbell Bible Class Materials
2b. University of Rochester Class Excersises, 1871
3. Walter Sage Hubbell - 40 years a Director of the Eastman Kodak Company - In Memoriam
4. Lincoln-Alliance Bank and Trust Co. August 24, 1932
5. Hubbell-Taylor years (1911-1939)
6. Last Will and Testament of Patrick O'Connor
7. Nixon, Hargrave, Devans, & Doyle, Rochester, NY
8. Kodak Magazine- Obituary
9. Colgate - Rochester Divinity School
10. Memorial Service First Baptist Church
10a. Hubbell, Taylor, Goodwin, Moser Obituary
11. Genesee Graduate Chapter - Alpha Delta Phi
12. Service Memory of Walter S. Hubbell address by Dr. Rush Rhees - January 24, 1932, University of Rochester
13. Newspaper clippings on death of Walter Sage Hubbell
14. Photographs