Tennyson, Alfred

Date range:
Location: D.233
Size: 5 boxes, 4 items

This collection of Tennyson letters, manuscripts, printed material, memorabilia, and portraits was assembled by Rowland L. Collins, professor of English at the University of Rochester from 1967 until his death in 1985. The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections also houses his extensive Tennyson book collection (ZZ 6062).
Selections from The Rowland L. Collins Collection of Alfred Lord Tennyson were exhibited from 12 November 1993 to 14 March 1994 in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. The 1993 issue of The University of Rochester Bulletin (vol. XXXXIII) served as a catalogue of the exhibition and contains a complete listing of the books and manuscripts in the Collins Collection.
A few Tennyson letters and manuscripts previously owned by the Department have been added to the Collins materials to form this manuscript collection. Several of these items were presented to the Library by Robert F. Metzdorf in honor of Rowland Collins, others were purchased from a Sotheby auction (July, 1980), as well as more recent acquisitions.

Box 1: Correspondence, manuscripts, illustrations, poems set to music, theatre programs, memorabilia. 

  1. Letters written by Alfred Tennyson, 1833-1871
  2. Letters written by Alfred Tennyson, 1872-1887, undated
  3. Letters written by Emily Sellwood Tennyson, 1852-1889, undated
  4. Letters written by Hallam Tennyson, 1883-1924
  5. Letters written by Charles Tennyson, 1962-1976
  6. Letters written by other Tennyson family members
  7. Letters written by others, 1843-1889
  8. Letters written by others, 1890-1910, undated

Manuscripts by Alfred Tennyson and others:

Folder 9:

  • ["To the Vicar of Shiplake"] in AT's hand. 1p. Undated (written on June 13, 1850).
  • ["Suggested by reading an article in a newspaper"]. Galley of Tennyson poem from the Examiner, Feb. 14, 1852 with corrections by AT, published under nom-de-plume "Taliessin." Not known to be reprinted or acknowledged.  AT previously contributed 2 poems to Examiner under name "Merlin, which he alludes to here.   On the verso is 19th C inscription in an unknown hand: "Keep this.  It is a poem of Tennyson with his own corrections & will have interest in the year 2000."
  • ["A Welcome to Alexandra"] in AT's hand. 1p. Undated (written to welcome Princess Alexandra on March 7, 1863).
  • Lines from "The Coming of Arthur" in AT's hand. 2p. Fragment. Undated.
  • "Here on this terrace fifty years ago..." in AT's hand. 1p. Undated.
  • Lines from "The Lover's Tale" in AT's hand. 1p. Undated.
  • Lines from "The Voyage" in AT's hand. 1p. Fragment. Undated.
  • "Epitaph on General Gordon--In the Gordon Boy's National Memorial Home Near Working" in AT's hand. 1p. [ca 1890].
  • [Doodles in AT's hand]. "Fool, for the King" written three times; AT's signature; AT's initials twice; profile drawing of a man. 1p. Undated.
  • Poem "Poetical Happiness" by F. Tennyson. 1p.
  • Autograph presentation from Hallam Tennyson to Alfred Aubry Tennyson on detached fly-leaf of book.
  • Line of AT's handwriting sent to M. Heathcote by Emily Tennyson in May, 1858.
  • Other manuscripts to be found with the letters and books:
  • Lines from "The Princess" attached to undated letter from AT to W. E. Gladstone. Note in hand of F. T. Palgrave on reverse, dated October, 1863. 2p.
  • Lines from "The Two Voices" attached to letter from C. B. Ker to Miss Browne, September 24, 1873. 1p.
  • ["The faithful bagman..."] A.Ms.S. addressed to Mrs. Greville, January 8, 1882 with envelope. Tipped into Enoch Arden (London, 1867).
  • Lines from "The Princess" in AT's hand. In The Works of Alfred Tennyson, vol. 3 (London, 1872).

Folder 10: Nine original drawings by J. E. Ollivant for an edition of The May Queen. 1856. Bound volume.  

Tennyson's Poems Set To Music.  See also oversize Box 5.
Folder 11: "Wellington Ode." Music by Charles Villiers Stanford. (London: Boosey & Co., 1907).

Theatre Programs
Folder 12:

  • "The Falcon." Founded on a story in the Decameron of Boccaccio. London, St. James's Theatre [1879].
  • "Promise of May." London, The Globe Theatre, November 11, 1882.
  • "Promise of May." London, The Globe Theatre [1882]
  • "Becket." London, Lyceum Theatre, February 6, 1893.
  • Souvenir program. "The Foresters." London, Daly's Theatre, October 3, 1893.
  • "Lancelot the Lovely, or the Idol of the King." By Richard Henry. London, Avenue Theatre, n.d.


  1. Check for thirty-two pounds written out and signed by AT to Thomas Sheppard, October 17, 1861; Check for ten pounds written out and signed by AT to Thomas Woolner, July 17, 1865.
  2. Indenture between Tennyson and John Brown for a piece of property. Signed by AT, April 5, 1841. Vellum.
  3. Invitation to Sir John Lees, his wife, and daughters from Hallam and Lionel Tennyson to "Private Theatricals," April 25, no year. Written in the hand of Hallam (?) Tennyson.
  4. Slate from the roof of Bayons Manor, an estate in Lincolnshire acquired by AT's grandfather George Tennyson and renovated into a neo-Gothic castle by his uncle Charles Tennyson d'Eyncourt. AT lived at Bayon's Manor with his grandfather for some periods of 1827;Wallpaper from Bayons Manor.
  5. Lock of AT's hair cut by Emily Tennyson on October 16, 1859 and given to her sister.
  6. Order of service of AT's funeral on October 12, 1892; Invitation to AT's funeral; Newspaper articles regarding death and funeral of AT.
  7. Photostats of the wills of Alfred Tennyson, Frederick Tennyson, Hallam Tennyson, and Lionel Hallam Tennyson.
  8. Reminiscences of AT written by ?
  9. Pages from Francis H. Atkinson's 1893 diary in which he writes of meeting with AT in 1862 and how AT changed a line in the poem "A Welcoming" at Atkinson's suggestion. Removed from The Princess: A Medley (London: Moxon, 1861), presented to Atkinson from Hallam and Lionel Tennyson in 1863 (ZZ6062 .P7 1861).
  10. Subscription form for the deluxe edition of a volume of photogravures entitled Alfred, Lord Tennyson and His Friends published in London by Unwin in 1893; Subscription form for a ceramic bust of AT by William Bristowe and produced by Frederick Rathbone, ca 1893.
  11. Postcards (25), of AT's home, Farringford House and other views of the Isle of Wight, Tennyson's birthplace, and statue of Tennyson at Trinity College. Portraits Of Tennyson

Images of Alfred Tennyson.  See also oversize Box 5.F
Folder 24:

  • Photograph of AT by James Mudd. 1857.
  • Photograph of AT by I. Maynall, 1864.
  • Carte-de-visite photograph of AT by P. E. Chappuis. No date.
  • Carte-de-visite photograph of AT c.1862-66 with Civil War era postage stamp on verso.
  • Ogden's Gold photographic cigarette card, 1901.
  • Presentation pack of 4 Royal Mail Stamps, 1992.
  • Wood engravings and other reproductions Reproductions of portraits in the National Portrait Gallery (postcards)

BOX 2:

  • Tin box for Tennyson cigars. A picture of AT is on the inside cover.

Audio tapes

  1. AT reading "Charge of the Light Brigade," (stanza 3, line 5 - end), "Charge of the Heavy Brigade," (stanzas 1-2), "Northern Farmer-New Style" (stanzas 5-6), "Maud," (stanza 22, lines 10-11). D.233 TENNYSON (ALFRED, LORD) PAPERS
  2. AT reading "Charge of the Light Brigade," "Charge of the Heavy Brigade," (stanzas 1-3), "Northern Farmer," (stanzas 3-6), "Lancelot and Elaine," ("Love, are thou sweet..."), "Maud," (part 1, stanza 11).
  3. AT reading "Charge of the Light Brigade," "Charge of the Heavy Brigade," (stanzas 1-3),
  4. Sir Charles Tennyson talk about the Alfred Tennyson recordings.
  5. Conversation between Sir Charles Tennyson and daughter of AT's housekeeper Annie Andrews.

Miscellaneous material
BOX 3:


  1. Booklets, articles, and other printed ephemeral material related to AT and other members of the Tennyson family.
  2. Printed catalogs of the Tennyson Collection at Usher Gallery in Lincoln, England.
  3. Printed catalog of the literary manuscripts of AT in the Harvard College Library.
  4. Photostats of AT manuscripts in the Henry E. Huntington Library.
  5. Duplicate catalog cards for books in the Tennyson collection at the Lilly Library, Indiana University.
  6. Photostats of catalog cards for musical settings of AT's poems in the Library of Congress.
  7. Rowland L. Collins: application for the student book prize award at Princeton University including cover essay and bibliography of his Tennyson collection [1956].
  8. Rowland L. Collin's list of Tennyson books and manuscripts he placed on deposit in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, University of Rochester Library; also letters to the Head of the Department regarding subsequent deposits.
  9. Photographs used in the Tennyson exhibition at Indiana University; also photographs of the exhibition and of Rowland L. Collins with Sir Charles Tennyson.
  10. Photographs used in the exhibition of the Rowland L. Collins's Tennyson collection at the University of Rochester Library and in The University of Rochester Library Bulletin devoted to the Collins collection (vol. XXXXIII, 1993).
  11. Correspondence, notes, etc. related to Rowland L. Collins's research on AT; also correspondence with the editors of The Letters of Alfred Lord Tennyson published by the Harvard University Press.
  12. Proof copies for "Twenty New Poems by Tennyson, Praed, and Landor," by W. D. Paden, published in Victorian Studies (March, 1961).
  13. Booklets, articles, etc. related to Thomas O. Amelia's Tennyson collection.
  14. Dealers' catalogs, including two copies of the Catalogue of Autograph Manuscripts by Alfred, First Lord Tennyson sold at Sotheby's on July 7, 1930.

BOX 4:  Rowland L. Collins's correspondence with book and manuscript dealers, catalogs, etc. related to the acquisition of his Tennyson collection.

BOX 5 (oversize):  Poems set to music; images.

  • "Airy Fairy Lilian." Music by Miss M. Lindsay. (London: Robert Cocks & Co., n.d.).
  • "The Brook." Music by Dolores. (Cincinnati: A.C. Peters & Bro., n.d.).
  • "The City Child." Music by Charles V. Stanford. (London: Stainer & Bell, c1908).
  • "The Charge of the Light Brigade." Music by John Blockley. (London: John Blockley, n.d.).
  • "Crossing the Bar." Music composed by J. Frederick Bridge. (London and New York: Novello, Ewer & Co., n.d.). Composed by request for the funeral of Lord Tennyson In Westminster Abbey, Oct. 12th 1892.
  • "Crossing the Bar." Music by J. Frederick Bridge. Printed in a supplement to The Graphic [October, 1892]. Includes pictures of AT's funeral.
  • "I Sometimes Hold it Half a Sin. No. 1 one of four songs from Tennyson's In Memoriam." (London: Chappell & Co., n.d.). Music by Maude Valérie White. Autographed by the composer.
  • "Lullaby." Music by Anthony Scott. (London: Boosey & Hawkes, c1976).
  • "The Throstle." Music by Maude Valérie White. (n.p., n.d.).

Images of Alfred Tennyson

  • Photograph of AT by Lewis Carroll. May 1, 1861.
  • Photograph of AT by Julia Margaret Cameron ("Dirty Monk"). 1865.
  • Photograph of AT by Julia Margaret Cameron. June 3, 1869.
  • Caricature of AT by "Ape" [Carlo Pellegrini] from Vanity Fair, July 22, 1871.
  • Photograph of AT by William Barraud. 1888.
  • Original sketch for 1897 etching of AT by William Strang. Conté crayon. Carte-de-visite photograph of AT by P. E. Chappuis. No date.
  • Engraving of AT after a photograph by John Jabez Edwin Mayall. No date.
  • Original caricature of AT by "Kyd" [Joseph Clayton Clarke]. Watercolor and ink. No date.


Bin 8:9 Drawing of AT by William Strang
Bin 9:9 Engraving of AT after a photograph by Mayall
Bin 13:10 Embossed chromolithograph of AT. Artist, n..d.
Bin 20:5 Oil painting of AT by George Frederic Watts