Shedd, Kendrick Philander

Date range:
Location: A.S54
Size: 11 boxes

Kendrick P. Shedd was a member of the Class of 1889 at the University of Rochester. In 1890 he was an instructor of modern languages at the University, and became professor of German in 1906. In 1912 he was forced to leave the University because of a speech he made in which he voiced his support of socialism. He later became principal of a school in Forestport, New York, a teacher in Geneva High School, and from 1920 to 1925 the principal of Naples High School. Professor Shedd died on December 3, 1953.

Received from Lloyd Somers.


Box 1

  1. Correspondence (1902-1950)
  2. Sheet music of songs written by Professor Shedd
    1. Jenny-See. Words and melody by Kendrick P. Shedd, music arranged by John R. Slater, 1910.
    2. Rochester Maid Means Quality. Words by Kendrick P. Shedd, music by Florence Newell Barbour, 1910.
    3. The Rochester Travelling Man. Words and melody by Kendrick P. Shedd, music arranged by Charles W. Watkeys, 1910.
  3. Pamphlet of an address given by Professor Shedd at the Y. M. C. A., May 15, 1892, entitled "Uncaged Criminals. (Removed and placed in K. P. Shedd’s Alumni and Faculty pamphlet file
  4. Books Owned by Professor Shedd
    1. Augier, Emile. La Pierre de Touche, by Emile Augier in collaboration with Jules Sandeau. Boston, Ginn, 1897. 149p.
    2. Rostand, Edmond. Les Romanesques. Boston, Ginn, 1903. 101p.
    3. Fulda, Ludwig. Der Talisman. Boston, D.C. Heath & Co., 1902. 125p.
  5. Citation given Professor Shedd by the 1915 German Class
  6. Defense of Professor Shedd written by Lloyd Somers, 1966
  7. “Exhibits” used by Mr. Somers in his defense of Professor Shedd
  8. Photographs: Shedd and Michael L .Casey; color slides (3) from Helen R. Cross showing Kendrick P. Shedd with 1880 graduates in 1951.
  9. Scrapbook (1910-1915)

Box 2

  1. “A Few Remarks and Mementos About the Life of Kendrick P. Shedd” by Lloyd Somers, 1970
  2. Resignation (1911-1914)
  3. Good Government League (1895-1908)
  4. Progress (1908)
  5. Social Centers (1911)
  6. Correspondence to or about K.P.Shedd; clippings, photographs, etc. (1915-1947)
  7. Somers Correspondence (1962-1969), Misc. Clippings/Material

Box 3
  • Two scrapbooks on Social Center at Number 9 School, Rochester: 1908-1909; 1909-1910.

Box 4

  1. Shedd’s Handwritten Account
  2. Resignation Letters (1912)
  3. Material/Correspondence re: Resignation
  4. Correspondence (1901-1943)
  5. Letters from Eugene V. Debs (1912-1944)
  6. Autobiography: Birth to College (Manuscript)
  7. “A Few of the ‘Old-Time’ Songs by ‘Sheddie’”
  8. Butte, Montana Board of Education (1921)
  9. Contents of Binder Labeled “Howe Kiefer” (1920s-1930s)

Box 5

  1. Manuscript
  2. Not Wanted Manuscript
  3. Lectures on “Words”
  4. Notes on “Words” Lectures
  5. Teaching Materials (Below College Level)
  6. Experiences in Milwaukee
  7. Socialist Sunday School
  8. Miscellaneous

Box 6: Third party material; University of Rochester 1910s-1970s
  • Rochester Song Book (1 copy)
  1. Entry in American Biography
  2. Letters from Students (incl. George Abbott) (1910s-1930s)
  3. Letters from Albert H. Wilcox and Herbert S. Weet (1916-1922)
  4. Michael L. Casey
  5. Socialist Materials
  6. Articles/Clippings
  7. Coverage of Shedd’s Death
  8. Miscellaneous UR Material
  9. George Eastman
  10. Essay/Article by Lloyd Somers (1966)
  11. Lloyd Somers’s Correspondence (1960s-1970s)
  12. Correspondence to Somers from Lawrence Shedd (1982) with Notes

Box 7: Manuscripts
  • Twice Fifty-Four Makes One
  • Not Wanted

Box 8
  • Journals, notebooks, books from Shedd’s library, Some Songs for Socialist Singers (by Shedd)

Box 9
  • Scrapbook (1884-1915)

Box 10
  • Scrapbook (1936-1937)

Box 11
  • Scrapbooks (1914-1915)